Attract Magazine presents, Attract Fitness. In the hopes of empowering women to embrace themselves for who they really are, we created an e-book featuring Shaniece Hairston that will serve as a guide to learning how to take on healthier life choices. In a world where its easy to forget what’s real and what’s simply an illusion, Attract Fitness wants to remind women of all shapes and backgrounds that its okay to indulge in that extra slice of pizza, nobody will care if you skipped the gym this week. What matters is that you are comfortable in the skin you’re in, you’re in good health and can go out into the world serving everyone the best version of yourself!

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Mother’s Day: Send Her Love with Daily Concepts

About a week ago my best friends and I were having a conversation about co-sleeping and motherhood in general. We are each at different stages of motherhood and as much as we…


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