Comfortably Chic: Los Angeles Fashion Week

 As fall dawns on us, it brings forth new trends, fashions and events for the fashion forward to indulge. One of the biggest events that allow expression from many is Los Angeles Fashion Week—LAFW. Many designers feature new collections on the runway, and out of those, Cheryl Koo stands out the most for her unique design elements and creative style.

Koo held her runway show, “CM2K” at the ACE Museum in order to provide a complimentary atmosphere for her most recent designs. The collection contained quilted patterns, mesh-like fabric, and pieces with a great deal of structure in order to display her haute couture look in a more artistic form. All of the looks were monochromatic, and gave the models a look of comfort while still focusing on flattering the shape of both men and women’s bodies.


Some of the style elements featured in the show include but are not limited to: Drop-crotch legging pants, plunging neck and back lines, and dramatically hooded tops. The concept for this line truly focuses on how to be comfortable without resorting to the sweatpants we all have hidden in our dresser drawers.

Also featured in the show was a dress recently used for Attract cover girl, Meagan Good. The dress has a sweetheart neckline, and a quilt-like texture accompanied by a corset around the waistline to add a tighter fit and focus on the curves that every woman possesses. Koo’s artistic style creates an ideal look for almost anyone to attain, and her collection pieces allow comfort with a fresh off the runway look.

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