POWER: The Perfect Shade of Red

Choosing a red lipstick can be a hard task. Whether it is a bright red or a bold dark red, the key is to make sure your lip color complements your skin tone. To make your red lips pop, less eye make-up will look best. Opt for bronzed cheeks, or a light touch of blush contrasted with bold lashes, or even a winged liner.

Fair Skin Tones with peach/pink undertones will look flawless with a matte red lipstick which leans on this side of orange. This will bring out the undertones. These red lipsticks are also known as a yellow hue lip color.
Nars- Heat wave lipstick

Medium Skin Tones have more of a range in red hues. A red with a slight blue tint will work wonderfully. Depending on your mood, you can try something deeper. Make up Forever in Moulin Rouge, MAC in Diva

Dark Skin Tones with cool undertones can be perfectly matched with a red hue with blue undertones. Pair with a natural full lash look for daytime or cool eye shadow colors for an evening out. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo. Dark skin with warm undertones are also best paired with red with an orange undertone.  MAC Lipstick in Brave Red.

Steps for Applying:

  • Before you apply your lovely red hue, make sure to apply a little foundation on your lips as a base coating.

  •  Pick a lip liner of the same color or slightly darker. Line the lips and fill in the lip a little.

  • Instead of applying the lipstick straight from the tube, use a lip brush for more precise application that will never look messy. For a cleaner look, take a concealer brush with concealer the same color as your foundation and outline the lips with the brush. This ensures that everything is well-blended.

With so many red lipsticks in the beauty market, it can get a little confusing when it comes to finding the perfect color for you. Don’t hesitate to go in your favorite make-up store and ask for help. Try different shades, even different brands. Wear it around for a couple hours until you find one you truly love. Remember, the purpose of make-up is to enhance your existing beauty!

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