Sarah Stage : The Woman Behind the Gram

Social media has changed the way people do business, especially for model Sarah Stage. Sarah started modeling as toddler, took a break, and picked back up during high school. Although her career as a model has been successful, Sarah recently became a social media sensation when she posted a photo of her pregnant self at eight months with very noticeable six-pack abs. People slammed her on social media with nasty comments about her body being unhealthy for the baby and more, but Sarah had confirmed with her doctor that she was right on track.
After the photos went viral, not only did she gain a larger fan base, a million followers to be exact, she also learned you just cannot please everyone, and that’s okay. Since then Sarah has given birth to a beautiful baby boy named James and lives comfortably with her husband in their beautiful home in Los Angeles, CA. Our team sat down with Sarah,  where we learned she’s just like the rest of us trying to balance work, life, and family.
Q: How did you make social media a business tool for you?
A: Once Instagram came along, it gave me the opportunity to show more of my lifestyle and personality which started a new category for certain models. Brands were able to start booking me directly and gave me creative control to advertise their products in a way that was more casual instead of a typical campaign styled photoshoot. Social media has also given me the opportunity to share a piece of my life instead of just professional modeling photos.
Q: What makes you different from most women? 
A: I think all women are unique so I don’t really know how I could be different from them. I do know that every woman is special and beautiful in their own way.
Q: If you could change anything about yourself, what would that be?
A: I try every day to be a better person. I’m constantly making the effort to become the best version of myself so I can be a great mother, wife, friend, sister, and daughter to the ones that I love and care about.
Q: How did you start your career?
A: My first modeling job was at two-years-old. Apparently, I took some time off after that and got the modeling bug again when I was in high school.
Q: How has social media changed the way that you view yourself?
A: I will always view myself the same, I suppose we don’t see ourselves the way others do.
Q: You have over a million followers, do you ever feel pressured to always look “perfect” by society’s standards?
A: Unfortunately, I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone. When I wear makeup there will be people saying [that] it’s horrible. Then, when I don’t wear makeup some people saying I look horrible. Haha! I just have to laugh about it, anyone who takes the time to write anything negative is really just reflecting their own personal feelings about themselves subconsciously. Whether it’s, bitterness or their own insecurities.
Q: How has social media helped you in your career? 
A: Social media changed my life. It has given me amazing opportunities that I could never have imagined possible.
Q: What opportunities has social media brought to you? 
A: Social media has allowed me to work from home more, go on less auditions, spend more time with my family, build my own brand, and become my own boss.
Q: What advice can you give to young women who aspire to be just like you?
A: If there are any women who aspire to be like me I would tell them they are amazing just how they are and they are doing just fine. I would also tell them to believe in themselves and find what their passion is and focus on that.
Written By: Rose Barraza
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