Holiday Decorations: Less Is More

Tips on mastering the art of tree decorating.

First: Select A Theme Color

Nothing worse than going to the store completely indecisive, you’ll just end up going up and down the isles for hours. Instead choose a color palette. Narrow it down between 1-3 colors, anything more will be too busy, the goal is to accessorize not overpower the beauty of the tree with multicolors. Suggested color combinations : Red, Silver/ Pink & Gold/ Red, Silver, Gold/ Blue, Silver

Second: Choose Shape Of Ornaments

Overall the traditional shape will be a sphere (round). However there are some contemporary pieces that come in other various shapes such as: acorn, square, star, icicle, etc. I like to go with the original sphere shape and add my own twist. I am obsessed with oversized giant sphere ornaments. I fill the entire tree with regular small spheres and add giant ones in visually appealing areas of the tree to make it pop!




Third: Buy Individual Personal Ornaments

We all like to buy our ornaments in large quantity because it’s the most cost efficient way to shop. This works great for the overall look of the tree; however you want to make sure you incorporate a personal touch to your tree. Shopping around for a few individual ornaments that fit with each family member and their personality will add tradition and character to your tree. This can also be the beginning of traditions in your family. Growing up our tradition was to go to Disneyland and select 1 new ornament that we would place on the tree that Christmas. What’s your tradition?


Fourth: Ditch The Star

Take a walk on the wild side and opt for a more modern twist for your tree topper. Majority of Christmas trees have either a star or an angel at the top, and while so many look absolutely beautiful, why not switch things up? I suggest using a bow instead. This gives you the freedom to be creative because you can make the bow yourself. Choose a color and GO BIG! I think the bow should scream LOOK AT ME!


Fifth: Less Is More

Avoid the temptation of over decorating the tree. We are all Christmas crazy and while you may want to adorn your tree with tons of adorable ornaments and lights, try to keep it clean. Simplicity goes a long way and you want your tree to stand out. Instead overcompensate on decorations throughout the rest of your home and spread the holiday spirit in every nook and cranny of your house.


Happy Holidays!

Written By: Alexandra Torres


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