Reality Of Success: Friendships Are Often Lost

True friendships are built off honesty, love, respect and genuine care for one another. Relationships of any kind go through trials and tribulations, time periods where the bond is put to the test; you either progress and evolve or realize the relationship is no longer conducive to your life. I can’t stress this enough, having a good support system is vital in your personal success. It really does take a village of strong, independent and caring women to help you navigate life all while keeping your sanity.

So what happens when you’re on the way to the top? Whether it be a promotion at work, your recent engagement or you’re expecting a baby and you start to notice that not all of your friends are cheering for you. The thing about friendships that nobody ever likes to really discuss is the fact that success comes with a price, a high one at that. It becomes a testament to finding out who your real ones actually are. When you become busy, too busy to hang out with them like you use to or when you are so focused on your goals that they begin to feel some kind of way about it. Seeing you go after your aspirations and dreams might make some of them feel inadequate and insecure. They begin to question themselves and what it is that they’re doing with their lives. It’s important to carry yourself a certain way during this period of time, your friendships depend on it!

Helpful Tips:

1. Communication
If you know you’re going to be busy with work, school or other things; let your friends know ahead of time. Include them in your process, apologize for being distant and reassure them that you value them as a friend.


2. Plan Ahead
If you’re pressed on time and checking in with friends on a daily basis isn’t happening anymore, set a reminder on your phone. Don’t let more than a week go by without texting, calling or emailing your friends. Although they understand a busy life, it doesn’t give you the green light to simply disappear. Try to have a monthly girls night, where you allocate a certain amount of time to just hanging with your girls.


3. Be Supportive
Don’t get so wrapped up in your own hustle that you dismiss things your friends have going on as well. Put out the same energy and love you would like in return. Don’t always make conversations about what it is that you’re doing, be involved and active in your friends endeavors and show support and encouragement.


Written By: Alexandra Torres

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