Bloggers Spotlight: Tips on How to Start an Instagram Blog

I am fairly new to the blogging community. I started my fashion, beauty and lifestyle Instagram blog, EmmaPolly, in early October 2016. I began with less than one thousand followers, now around four months later I am close to ten thousand followers. I have always followed a large number of blogs; I thought it was not even a possibility for me to have my own. One day I decided just to give it a try, I had nothing to lose! Using Instagram as a platform for blogging adds a whole new element to the blogging world, it allows you to connect on a personal level to people and get more involved with the community rather than just having a blog website with a much narrower audience.

My first tip to blogging is that you’ve got to post whatever you want to post! Post with passion. If you get stuck with what to post, just take a look around you and make notes on things you like to talk about. I love posting images of my outfits, over time people noticed this is what I enjoyed doing and so did companies. From then on companies have asked to send me items from their sites to promote their pages for them. Although my following was very small a few months ago I am so grateful for those companies had faith in me. It’s so great loving what you do online, loving the look of your own page and overall style. Once you get on track with what you enjoy posting the moreit becomes natural.

The internet gives us the power to be whoever we want online, so my next tip is to ‘fake it until you make it’. If you make your blog and posts look as professional as possible you will eventually gain a great audience. Show off what you love to do and get yourself well known in your own little online community. You can do this by using appropriate and relevant hashtags to help more people discover your blog.

Having a good time schedule for uploads lets your followers know exactly when your posts will be uploaded, for example uploading at similar times on the same days each week will increase your likes as your followers will be expecting to see your content. Online there are many obstacles you have to overcome; a good way to start is managing who you allow to follow your blog. There will be people who don’t enjoy your posts, but remember if there’s a hater, there’s always a lover.

Starting my Instablog has opened so many doors for me. I have had the privilege of working with many amazing companies and attended events for them. I hope to continue my blogs far into the future. I would recommend starting an Instablog to everyone; it’s definitely a more relaxed approach to blogging. Just remember to post about things you love and have as much fun as you can.



Written by: @emmapolly

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