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Women invest so much money and time into makeup that they often neglect the importance of skin care. The products one uses on our skin takes a toll and if left unattended can see significant damage as the years go by. With age comes a change in the elasticity of our skin, the sun damages our pigment and the weather may dry out our smooth texture.

With so many skin care products it can become overwhelming to start a daily skin routine which is why I partnered with one of our beauty contributors to bring our readers an easy and affordable regime.

Product #1: Physicians Formula Argan Oil, Retail Value $11-13.00

Hydrates your lips without the artificial scents, coloring and flavoring that come with most generic lip balms. If possible you should avoid using lip balms all together and stick with a natural oil.




Product #2: Advanced Clinicals RoseHip Oil, Retail Value $8-11.00

Rose oil helps with scars, dark circles, stretch marks, and age spots. I recommend this for your nighttime skin care; Ditch the fancy name brands that promise you results in 24 hours and stick to a natural source. If you look carefully at high priced products, most of them already contain organic oils anyway.






Product #3: Elcie Cosmetics Glow Enhancer, Retail Value $42-70.00

Oils can be used as primers for makeup, you can apply it by massaging a small amount onto your skin prior to applying your foundation. This will allow for it to hydrate and mix onto your skin. This doesn’t necessarily making the blending process easier, but it definitely gives you a more flawless finish.







Product #4: Personal Care Vitamin E Body Oil, Retail Value $5-7.00

Vitamin E helps with wrinkles, hydrating and skin glow. Put it on your legs for a night out and you’ll be glowing! It’s also good for hair growth when you massage it to your scalp.






Product #5: San Lucas Organic Coconut Oil, Retail Value $7-12.00 

Not only can you cook with this awesome natural, edible, multitasking oil but it’s also great for stretch marks and scars. It hydrates the skin so well and is also good  as a cuticle oil because it loosens up the cuticles, making it easier to push back or cut. You can also use it as a body oil focusing on parts that dry up the most which would be elbows and knees. To use as body oil spread on your whole body after you shower to lock the moisture in while your pores are still open.

Protect your skin, you’ve only got one. 

Beauty Contributor: Alejandra Alarcon, IG @alesartistry

By: Alexandra Torres, Online-Editor

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