5 Makeup Mistakes That Actually Age You

Makeup is primarily used to highlight our natural beauty. Women of all shades and ages enjoy using makeup tricks to hide or improve the areas which may bring them insecurities. Although many tools actually serve their purpose, if you’re not careful about the way you’re applying your makeup you may be doing yourself more damage. 

5 Mistakes To Avoid Looking Aged

1. Heavy Black Eyeliner

A lot of women think applying heavy black eyeliner will distract the attention from thinning eyelashes. However, as it does happen when getting older all you’re doing to your face is drawing attention to the wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes. Opt out for a dark brown or grey eyeliner instead of a jet black. Another amazing trick to make you look younger is to go with a white eyeliner such as the NYX Jumbo in white.

2. Wearing Dark Lipstick

A bold lip is always fun for special occasions, but you should be careful and not get carried away in the excitement of keeping up with trends. Just because you love a dark color doesn’t mean that particular shade flatters your skin tone. Instead, try a neutral color, a bit darker than your skin tone. Choosing a proper lip tone can make the difference between adding or subtracting years to your overall look.

3. Using Too Much Foundation or The Wrong Foundation

Fine lines will be highlighted in excess using the wrong foundation or too much of it. The key is to only apply in the areas you need it and slowly build up the application. It’s easier to add more product as you go along versus applying too much from the start. As far as your shade goes, if you’re not sure of which one best fits your skin tone there are plenty of cosmetic stores that offer color matching and will be happy to help you find the right one.

4. Over Blushing

Wearing a blush that is too dark or too light will age you or make you look ashy if too light.
The trick in applying your blush is making sure you are using the correct sized brush. If the brush is too big it will cause you too apply more blush than you actually need. Make sure the brush you use is not bigger than your cheeks. The type of skin is also extremely important.
If you have large pores creams and gels are not recommended.

5. Wearing Too Much Glitter or Shimmer Shadow

It’s fair to say as women we all love a lil shimmer here and a little shimmer there, but sometimes wearing it as an eyeshadow can settle on creases and look unflattering. Stick to a matte shadow and if you must have some shimmer place it only on the inner corners of the eyes. This will bring the right amount of light and attention to your face. Dose Of Colors: Eye Duo in Frozen is a great product that offers the right amount of pigmentation needed to achieve the proper look. 


By: Alejandra Alarcon, Beauty Contributor

& Alexandra Torres, Online-Editor

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