Be Inspired By Books! Recommended Book Of The Week, “The Thinking Girl’s Guide To The Right Guy”

The weekend is here and hopefully you find yourself with a little down time to pick up a good book. Instead of spending countless hours scrolling through the Gram or re-reading your daily horoscope, I recommend you read ‘The THINKING GIRL’S GUIDE to the RIGHT GUY‘. It puts real life situations into realistic stories, sometimes we read things and the reason it doesn’t resonate with us is because we can’t relate. The book not only deals with tools that help you learn how to be more selective with whom you date; but more importantly it highlights ways in which women can improve their quality of life by truly getting to know themselves.

Authors Joanne Davila, PhD and Kaycee Lashman are quite the dynamic duo. While Joanne is a clinical Psychologist, Kaycee is an organizational change specialist who both come together and provide various ways in which a woman can change the outcome of some of their life choices, by altering the way in which they think and approach certain matters. Women often forget that you can’t expect different results if you don’t do things differently. Albert Einstein said it best, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

The book follows seven different women who are all at different stages in their life and are between the ages of their early 20’s to early 30’s. Some of these women are single, dating, married, going to college and confused. As I read through the chapters I found myself relating to each character in different ways. This made it easier for me to put things together and reflect on how this directly affected me. Towards the end of some of the chapters there was a self-work section where the authors posed questions for the readers to answer which I thought was great because it forces you to be an active reader rather than passive.

My takeaway from finishing this book was that a woman must truly know herself first, BEFORE trying to figure out a man or anyone else for that matter. Be confident in the things you NEED, WANT and what you will and won’t compromise. Half of the battles I’ve encountered in relationships is not knowing exactly what I wanted and/or needed. I stuck around in crappy situations not because I was happy but because I didn’t know how to demand things of my partner. It all stems from ourselves. We teach and show others how we want to be treated and cared for, so when we lack the ability to identify these factors our relationships suffer.

Invest in yourself just as much, if not more than you invest in anyone else. Purchase your copy of ‘The THINKING GIRL’S GUIDE to the RIGHT GUY’ now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor


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