Clean Brushes, Clean Face

Maintaining clean makeup brushes is probably the important step in the application process yet it’s often the most overlooked. Uncleaned brushes can lead to serious skin problems and taking the time to clean out your brushes can save you a health scare.Tip #1: Monthly Cleaning

All purpose brushes can be cleaned at least once a month. Brushes that are used around your eyes should be washed at least twice a month. If your prone to acne it’s especially important to make sure all of your makeup tools are clean.

Tip #2: DIY Cleaning Solutions

Don’t be too worried about breaking the bank with these brush cleaners; Water and gentle soap will always do. If using soap and water keep the water and soap away from the base of your brush the glue will slowly break apart and ruin it.

-Gently massage the bristles into your palm, rinse and squeeze bristles to drain water and air dry.

This will take a couple hours to dry. So if you do need your brushes clean and ready to go asap, our MUA recommended brush liquid cleaner is the: Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner. It will clean, disinfect, and have your brushes ready in seconds.

-Use a towel, a small cup to pour brush cleaner in and dip half of bristles into the liquid; Clean brushes on your towel. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is also used as a spray solution.

Lastly, don’t forget about the handle and ferrule of your brushes. Clean it with a towel and alcohol to disinfect. This will prevent any cross contamination between germs found on your brush and your face. The cleaner your brushes are the better the makeup application will be, but most importantly your skin will thank you!

By: Alejandra Alarcon, Beauty Contributor

Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

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