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Diana Mae Fernandez, CEO of Dolls Mastermind; a service every company should seek if they want to take their business to the next level. Diana is a genius at maximizing a brands potential and delivering results with her superb marketing expertise and savvy social media intel.

It’s no secret business owners are now using social media as their primary source for marketing and Diana has tapped into this to not only build her own brand but help businesses thrive. She’s the total Female Boss and I had the pleasure of interviewing her as she stopped by LA for the LIVE Summit Conference where she was a guest speaker among many other media influencers.

Women are often their biggest enemy. We create our own roadblocks and prevent our own success. Sometimes the biggest risks are the ones that lead to the biggest blessings. I always tell people, “There is nothing scarier than remaining stagnant.” Chase your dreams and ambitions no matter how overwhelming or unattainable they may seem.

Diana On Business

Q: How did Dolls Mastermind come about? Have you always been business oriented or was there something that sparked this interest and drive?

DF: I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit. If lemonade was selling for 50 cents, I would sell it for a dollar. I’m always looking for a profit in every situation. I was able to really hone into business during college. Initially I tried nursing and realized it wasn’t for me and put myself through business school. My first job after graduating was in Wall Street actually.

Q: As a woman in the industry, have you encountered any unfairness simply due to your gender? Whether it be pay, clientele etc.

DF: Surprisingly the biggest challenge I’ve encountered is convincing other women that they also belong here as well. (referring to the business industry). “We live in a mans world” but we can go into any market and dominate it. Getting women outside of their conditioned state has always been a goal of mine and the response has been great; you can hold your own!

Q: What do you think has been the most beneficial to your success? What’s been the method that has proved to be the most efficient?

DF: Connecting with people on a personal level. Establish a rapport with people. Get in front of a lot of people. The more people you meet, the bigger your connections become, genuine connections. When you make it a daily thing (one on one time) those are the things people remember. When you support people its going to come back ten fold.

*Tip: Snapchat gets her the most views. It made my business boom in six months.*

Diana’s Take On Relationships and Dating

Q: Are you dating or in a relationship?

DF: I continuously fall in love with myself, I’ve never been single.

Q: Whats the most attractive feature you find in yourself or in others?:

DF: Self care. If you don’t care for yourself how can you care for others. I love being able to watch ballet, I like watching TED Talks. Feeding your mind is sexy and expressing your creativity!

Best Advice: “Don’t take the backseat! Everyone wants to eat, but no one wants to hunt.”

 Visit Diana’s Dolls Mastermind to learn how she can help your business:  http://www.dollsmastermind.com/                                                                                                          Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dollsmastermindvip/                                                  Twitter: https://twitter.com/dollsmastermind                                                                                    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dollsmastermind/

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

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