“First Family of Hip Hop” starring, Somaya Reece

As part of our three part “First Family of Hip Hop” series, we’re highlighting the boss ladies of the show and had the pleasure of getting some insight on health and beauty from none other than Somaya Reece.

You may know Somaya from VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” and E!’s “Famously Single” but far beyond the cameras she’s a woman, just like you and I. She’s a beautiful woman who is not only musically talented but incredibly business savvy. Since it’s Women’s History Month, it’s only fitting that Somaya share some of her health and beauty secrets armed with an incredible confidence that’s sure to encourage other women.

QYou are all too familiar with being in front of the camera, how much more pressure does that add to you as a woman? The makeup, the hair and always having to look your best…

SR: All women feel pressure of having and wanting to look good in general. So for me it’s just part of my daily routine. I don’t get too concerned with what people think. I just do what I like whether it’s a no makeup and gloss day or a red carpet glam day.

Q: Have you always been comfortable in your skin? You exude such confidence in the way you look and carry yourself, what advice can you share with our readers who may be struggling with channeling their inner “diva”?

SR: I have my days where I don’t feel my best. But, my mother always told me that no matter what size you are, no matter what imperfections you have, that you are beautiful and to always work with what you got! No one was born with the “perfect body.” It’s how you work with what you have that counts. I was once a bbw and boy was I working my curves with a smile honey!!

Q: Your makeup is always on point! What is your makeup/beauty regime like? What are your favorite products and must haves?

SR: A gem my grandma showed me was to wash your face with oatmeal. Aveeno makes an excellent all natural moisturizing oatmeal soap bar that I use religiously. I exfoliate my skin with exfoliating wash gloves twice a week, then I immediately add coconut oil on my face and sleep with it. I also use Benefiance under eye cream by Shiseido to keep my under eyes moisturized. Never leave home without SPF!

Q: You are the owner of Get Slim Detox Tea, what inspired you to start this business?

SR: I have been on a yoyo weight gain and loss battle since I was a teen. I suffered from eating disorders since I was a child. When my doctor told me I began to develop a heart condition due to it, that scared me! I then began to learn many methods on natural weight loss and along the way discovered detoxing in many forms from juicing, to fibers, to my tea. I now own a juicing line (Get Slim Power Greens & Get Slim Power Punch) we also carry fibers and my Slim Tea. They are excellent for weight loss, weight management, IBS relief, bloating and more. (Shop ‘Get Slim’ http://www.shopthisfitsme.com/products)

Q: Lastly, what makes you feel the most attractive? Whether it’s throwing on some killer stilettos or working out, what gives you that extra boost of confidence?

SR: Working out has been life changing! Not only am I feeling healthy but a killer body that is being formed feels fabulous. And of course a cute dress showered by compliments by my partner doesn’t hurt.

Watch Somaya on the season finale of The First Family of Hip Hop airing this Sunday only on Bravo. (Check local listing for time) and make sure you follow her on Twitter @somaya_reece and on Instagram @somayareece

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

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