Getting Started Is Half The Battle

Fitness has been trending for the past few years, if you haven’t noticed it’s become a “thing” to take infamous selfies at the gym and fill your grocery cart with gluten-free this and no GMO that. Thanks to social media, fitness has become this glamorized ideology. People have this misconception about working out and about what the actual process consists of.

The reality is that the biggest hurdle you will face when wanting to get on your fitness path is actually starting. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has gone to bed telling myself, “Tomorrow morning you’re going to wake up and go to the gym, get your 1-hour of cardio, have you a nice and healthy breakfast and feel great about yourself afterwards.” Tomorrow morning rolls around and you’ve hit snooze about ten times, next thing you know its time for you to go to work, you’re running late and the thought of going to workout has quickly left your brain. This goes on day, after day, after day until one day you wake up and say to yourself, “How did I let my body go this much?” I’m guilty of this as are millions of other women.


I’m no fitness expert but I know how goals work. You only get results when you work towards them, period. You don’t go from being the receptionist to becoming the Vice President of your firm by just waking up one morning and telling the CEO you’re ready for the higher position. That’s just not the way life works. You achieve greater things in life when you execute small daily actions. So I encourage women who desire getting into shape to apply this concept into their daily lives. If you haven’t set foot in the gym in over a year, don’t set yourself up for failure by saying, “I’m going to do 30 minutes of cardio”, because although 30 minutes doesn’t sound like a whole lot, believe me, you won’t feel the same once you’ve been on that elliptical for 5 minutes. Instead give yourself realistic goals, start off with 15 minutes of cardio and work your way up to those 30 minutes. As far as diet is concerned it’s the same rule; you start by making minor adjustments, like opting for water instead of soda. Don’t just go from one day to the next and cut out all of the “bad” food from your diet. Things just don’t work that way, humans don’t do well with drastic change in general and often we fail not because we are incapable but because we didn’t set realistic goals for ourselves.

The most difficult part is starting, once you get past the initial hump it becomes a little easier every day. Remember that all great things take time and the importance lies in the small steps you take daily in order to achieve your fitness goals.


By: Alexandra Torres, Online-Editor

IG @worldmeetswoman




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