International Women’s Day

There is no person more resilient than a woman. Our worth and contribution to society is one of a kind and although we’ve made strides towards equality, there is still a very long road ahead. One thing women must not lose sight of is the power in numbers. A nation of women is stronger when they stand together.International Women’s Day also known as 2017’s  “Day Without Women” is a beautiful thing to be a part of and get to witness. But more importantly is the message behind the movement. It’s wonderful to show our womanhood during important dates but it’s just as important in the small every day acts we carry out through out the entire year. What are you doing as a woman to empower and uplift your fellow women?

I wanted to highlight a company that is doing their part by being environmentally conscious, family oriented, women driven and man supported. Ada Diamonds is a diamond company that specializes in creating diamonds that aren’t mined, they wanted to create something whose process didn’t go against their beliefs but was equally as beautiful. What I found to be very symbolic as I learned more about the company is that it was founded by a wife/husband duo. Jason and Lindsay decided to get married in 2011 and set out to create their own custom made rings that were 100% conflict free and laboratory-grown diamonds. (For those that don’t know the process of mined diamonds, I will provide informational links at the conclusion of the article.)

This is a beautiful example of a power couple. Both parties are equal, both are different genders yet they found a balance and worked towards a common goal, together. Sure a woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, at times with little or no help. But how incredibly empowering is it to have a loving man back you up? That’s a misconception about feminism, we aren’t saying we don’t need men, we just need a supportive person beside us, supporting all of our endeavors with a clear understanding that we are all equals regardless of our gender. Jason and Lindsay not only created something beautiful and out of love but their team is made up of women and men who all support one another in an environment where everyone is supportive of one another. In honor of Women’s Day, I had the pleasure of interviewing some of Ada Diamonds team members who are all strong and admirable women.

Lindsay Reinsmith, Founder and CEO

Q:What motivated you to start Ada Diamonds and how did you go about seeing it come into fruition?

LR:Ada Diamonds is a very personal story for Jason and me. Back in 2011 when we talked about getting married, I told Jason that I would not accept a mined diamond. I was concerned about the sustainability and unverifiable origins of diamond mining. Jason asked if I would be open to lab grown diamonds, an offering in its true infancy at the time, as colorless diamonds were largely unavailable (only fancy colored diamonds like blue and yellow) and in extremely limited quantities. We built a ring together and the process was admittedly difficult and confusing. We had to buy stones directly from suppliers and take them to a local jeweler who knew nothing about the stones. The entire process was met with hurdles and skepticism, and took nearly 6 months to complete. Despite those road blocks, we created a beautiful ring and wedding band! and we realized that there was an opportunity to create an easily accessible, online bespoke fine jeweler that could combine the ease and transparency of an online retailer with the high-touch client service of a private jeweler. We continued to watch the industry closely from 2011 until late 2015. Once the industry had evolved to the point where colorless lab grown diamonds were available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and qualities, we decided to affect a change in the industry. We have never been satisfied with just starting a company; but rather, we have strived to have and maintain a social mission. For us, it’s not enough to talk the talk. You have to walk the walk.

Q:Did you always intend on having a primarily women team or is that something that just came about?

LR: At my previous business, it was not intentional to predominantly hire women, but just something that happened naturally. For Ada, however, Jason and I have made a deliberate effort to have a diverse team with women and men from all backgrounds, ages, and family situations. Prior to starting my businesses, I worked in two careers that had almost no respect for work-life balance. I found the lack of flexibility impractical and demoralizing and vowed to never enforce such stringent conditions on my own team. Today, we encourage our team to find balance wherever they can.

Q:How’s the dynamic between you and your team? Being surrounded by other women can be extremely empowering and uplifting, is there ever any conflict and if so, how do you make sure there is a harmony among everyone?

LR: At Ada, there are a few core values that help us communicate better as a team and empower our employees. One, we encourage input and solicit ideas from every member of the team. Fostering a culture of brain storming and open mindedness has allowed for some of our best innovations. Two, we have no room in our organization for in-fighting, politicking, or jockeying for someone else’s job. If your focus is 100% on yourself and getting ahead, you’re not a good fit for Ada. At Ada, every member of the team owns shares of the company and is dedicated to its growth and success. And finally, we have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment or abuse. Although we are a team of both men and women, we are very cognizant of potential harassment issues.

Q:What are your plans for the future? Expansion, new innovations etc.

LR:One of our most exciting developments is the launch of a second showroom for Ada coming this spring in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

Ashling Loh-Doyle, Creative Director

Q:How does working in a primarily women dominant company compare to any other previous job you’ve had?

AL: It’s awesome. I’ve never experienced this level of camaraderie or support in a working environment. When a company is as young as Ada is, and you’re trying to shape a relativity new industry, you will find yourself in situations where you know you have to “dive into the deep end.” To know that there is a group of women close by who are doing the same, but are also there to jump in too if needed, is both inspiring and reassuring.

Q:Does working in a team of women motivate you to venture out and pursue your own passions? And if so, what are those passions?

AL: Not only am I inspired by the other women at Ada, who have started companies of their own, or who (quite literally) have their hands full balancing career building and motherhood, but I’m also inspired by the women we design our jewelry for. Ada Diamonds designs are modeled for the modern, self-made, graceful woman who is doing incredible things every day. In addition to working with Ada Diamonds, I am founder and lead designer of LOTUS & ASH, a boutique design firm and papery, which builds identities for small businesses and designs social stationery. It’s a dream to be able to turn my personal passion into my business.

Q:Lastly, being that Attract Magazine is geared towards empowering women, we believe part of being empowered is owning the woman you are, being confident in your skin. So what makes you feel the most attractive?

AL:Despite being totally drenched in sweat and red in the face, I feel most attractive pushing through a Core Power Yoga or spin class.

Julie Guggemos, Main Engineer

Q:What have you found to be the most difficult part about juggling motherhood and a career?

JG: Time management. I find that I’m a lot more organized about knowing and doing things that can be done in increments. Whenever I find myself with time to spare or a free set of hands, I start working on my mental queue of tasks.

Q:Does working in a team of women motivate you to venture out and pursue your own personal passions?

JG: Yes, I enjoy learning how to cook new meals using unfamiliar ingredients, preferably in ways that are simple enough for easy family meals. I’ve gotten some ideas from discussions with others on the team.

Q: Lastly, being that Attract Magazine is geared towards empowering women, we believe part of being empowered is owning the woman you are, being confident in your skin. So what makes you feel the most attractive?

JG: Clothes that fit properly!

Kelly Villarreal, Director of Marketing

Q: How does working in for a company who has a strong sense of women empowerment compare to any other previous job you’ve had?

KV: I think the culture at Ada is phenomenal-miles above other organizations I’ve been a part of. There is a very intentional effort to make sure everyone’s input is both welcomed and considered. I think that we have fostered a very comfortable working environment that allows people to feel open about voicing questions, comments or concerns. At previous jobs, whether openly or not, there was often a lot of infighting or the feeling of jockeying for position in a company hierarchy that went on “below the surface”; and that’s a feeling I just have not encountered at Ada-most likely because it’s such an important part of our dynamic to make sure everyone is contributing and that even if we go another direction, their ideas and voices are always heard. I think people really rise in this kind of environment where you don’t have to be afraid to speak up, make suggestions or ask questions.

Q:What have you found to be the most difficult part about juggling motherhood and a career?

KV: My full time job is being mom to three young boys, ages 1, 2.5 and 4.5! Trying to “find balance” with parenting and a career has been a huge challenge for me as my family has been growing. I’m just recently coming to terms with the fact that life with kids is always changing and shifting as work demands differ or kids are in different phases and therefore, so is the balancing act. What looks like balance on Monday might not on Tuesday-and that’s ok! I think as a mom, letting perfect be the enemy of good has been a tough one for me. My oldest son is in preschool now, but some days if I have work to finish, my younger kids watch TV while I take a conference call. It’s taken me a long time to realize that while I might not think that’s “perfect” it’s still okay! My kids are loved, healthy and happy and they have a mom who’s modeling work that feels important. It’s ultimately a good thing for kids to see their role models learning to balance and not get rigidly stuck in things adhering to a vision of perfect.

Q:Lastly, being that Attract Magazine is geared towards empowering women, we believe part of being empowered is owning the woman you are, being confident in your skin. So what makes you feel the most attractive?

KV: I work from home so most days you’ll find me in jeans and t-shirt! Having a pretty piece of jewelry to wear, like my Bar Necklace (from our Delicate Collection), adds enough sparkle to my outfit to make it feel like I dressed up a bit even if I didn’t have time to put on make up. Aside from a little sparkle, nothing makes me feel better in my skin than carving out time for a good workout. A good sweat keeps me feeling like I’m taking care of my body-and what’s more attractive than that?

For more information on Ada Diamonds visit their website:

By: Alexandra Torres, Online-Editor



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