How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mascara

A lady must always carry mascara in her beauty bag. Women often refer to mascara as being an essential. Mascara has multiple uses and with plenty of tricks to make it work for your personal style. Unless you were born with perfect curly full lashes, here are some tips and how to’s.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mascara:

-Curl top lashes first. Once already curled, swish your wand in a left to right motion.-To avoid smearing unnecessary product on your eyelids, apply mascara to your bottom lashes first.

-To get a subtle smoky look, try to roll product off the mascara wand onto a clean surface and with a lip brush loaded with the mascara product you previously just rolled off go over your lashes at the roots.

Savvy Tip: To get to the base of your lashes, use a business card to pull your lid up, this allows you closer to the roots and creates a fuller look. 

-Mascara brushes can get old and clumpy after a while, so bring them back to life by running them under hot water for easier application.

-Avoid pumping your wand in and out of the tube. This causes  mascara to clump up. Instead twirl inside of the bottle before applying coat.

-If mascara does the clumpy inside just add a little bit of eye solution.

-Mascara loves warmth, try placing your tub in a cup of hot water or even in your bra for natural body heat.

-Just like we ditch boys we’re not that into we should ditch our mascara if we’ve had it for over three months. Out with the old and in with the new!

-Remember to save the wand once you’re done with the mascara. Wands can be re-used as an eyebrow brush and are good for putting those baby hairs back in place.

Savvy TipDip a Q-tip in baby powder. Run it across your lashes, focusing on the tips before the first coating. For a longer and fuller effect, add more baby powder after the first coating the mascara will attach to the powder and give you the look you desired. 

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By: Alejandra Alarcon, Beauty Contributor

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