Nikita Kahn, Animal Activist and Executive Producer of “The Last Animals”

Could you imagine a world in which the only place you can see Elephants and Rhinos are in the pages of books? Well, that’s exactly what will happen if we don’t act quickly. Nikita Kahn is an animal activist who’s dedicating her time towards the preservation of animals close to extinction or endangered.

Who Is Nikita Kahn?

Nikita was raised in the Soviet Union, and now resides in Los Angeles. As previously mentioned she is an animal activist who strives bringing awareness to the endangered wildlife. She is also a model with acting roles under her belt. What attracted me to interview Nikita was her ability to embody the essense of a woman. She is not only stunningly beautiful but she is a well rounded individual. Her career in interior design has led to her partnership with new the boutique hotel, Nobu Ryokan in Malibu. It’s safe to say she is not only making a positive impact but she is a great example of how you can be a woman of drive, passion and intellegence.

Philanthropy: “The Last Animals”

The Tribeca Film Festival is a movie extravaganza in which up and coming movies strive to get recognized. Nikita is the Executive Producer of “The Last Animals”, a documentary about the killings of African Rhinos and Elephants. The film gives audience a candid portrayal of not only the killings, but the efforts of park rangers, conservationist and scientists; who try to protect these endagered animals. I think it’s incredibly brave for Nikita to be a voice who speaks out on behalf of these defensless animals. If you find yourself saying, “How is this my problem or pertain to me personally?” The answer is simple…we owe it to ourselves to protect the world we live in. Animals play a huge part in our evolution and preservation. Where once we hunted only for purposes of survival, we now find that people are killing for the sake of money.  For more information on the film and how you can help save the animals, see end of interview for website linksanimal activist

Nikita’s Beauty Must-Haves

I couldn’t end my interview without talking BEAUTY! Nikita was kind enough to share some of her daily rituals. As you’ll see by the products, she appears to be big on skin care rather than actual makeup. As women we often neglect our skin without realizing it’s importance. Daily skin care is vital in maintaining one’s natural beauty and everlasting good healthy skin. Don’t shy away from splurging on these products, think of it as an investment.

Product #1:  Lancer, Face Scrub

animal activist

Product #2: Nars, Tinted Cream SPF

animal activist


Positive Message

Upon my sit down with Nikita I began to ask myself, “What are you doing to leave this world in a better place than how you found it?” The truth is I, much like the majority of people become overwhelmed at the thought of taking on a huge task. Nikita’s message about spreading awareness leads me to believe that the most important thing I can do is to become aware. Knowledge is extremely important and part of being a woman of character and integrity is being brave enough to share ideas and thoughts that push the envelope.

Full Length YouTube Interview

To Learn More Visit Nikita Kahn

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

LyVell Gipson, Video and Photography – @lyvellg




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