Planned Parenthood’s New Board Member, “Shonda Rhimes”

Creator of Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy has just joined Planned Parenthood as a new board member. recently sat down with Shonda Rhimes and Cecile Richards who is Planned Parenthood’s Federation of America’s President; to announce the latest addition to the board. Planned Parenthood has experienced tremendous support over the years and most recently has been faced with controversy in politics.

Who is Planned Parenthood?

I’ll begin by giving you a rundown of what Planned Parenthood represents. Planned Parenthood is a reproductive healthcare provider that specializes in educating it’s patients on preventative care. I personally went to a Planned Parenthood clinic during my high school years. They offer contraceptives, all of your information is confidential and the staff is extremely knowledgable. Did I mention they offer these services at little to no cost?

Shonda Rhimes
Cecile Richards, Washington D.C.

Recent Troubles

Washington D.C. has been in uproar trying to cut off all funding for Planned Parenthood. The controversy is based on the belief of congress that abortion should be illegal. Donald Trump has voiced his personal opinion on how a woman should handle her own reproductive choices. His stance on this matter caused the notorious Women’s March. Does congress know exactly how defunding of Planned Parenthood can negatively affect many young women and men?

Why Bring Shonda Rhimes On Board of Planned Parenthood?

Cecile Richards told that she knew Shonda could be a creative asset to the cause. Shonda has been an advocate of Planned Parenthood in California so it naturally made sense to have her be a board member. Richards, believes Shonda has the unique ability to bring important issues to life in the form of story telling. Recently an episode of Scandal aired Olivia Pope undergoing an abortion. Acts like this one are what makes Shonda a perfect fit. She isn’t afraid to highlight controversial issues.

Standing by and doing nothing at all is just not something women can afford. Shonda shared a sound piece of advice with readers by saying, “Women’s health is under fire right now. And so to me, it feels like it”s important to help fight back. I just want to be of service, And I’ll do that any way I can.

Visit, Planned Parenthood for more information on how to get involved. For the original interview visit

Planned Parenthood  

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor


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