Taste Of Me X Girlactik Collaboration

Beauty products are a dime a dozen, but Taste of Me is more than the new lipstick on the block. The already popular, Girlactik beauty brand helped bring this project to life. But wait, it get’s even better! Taste of Me launched their first lip matte, “Jamesy” designed by the beautiful Sarah Stage. Not new to the scene, Sarah Stage graced our Attract cover back in 2016.

Who is Taste of Me?

A beauty company who makes matte lip paints for the universal beauty in all of us. They’ve found a way to tap into a woman’s individuality. They first acknowledge that we all have different needs, with our own interpretation of beauty. Each lip paint is carefully created and designed by individuals who embody the essence of being a woman. No matter your shape, color or age; Taste of Me is right for you.


Where To Buy?

Taste of Me is sold exclusively through girlactik.com and at NAIMIE’S online and in-store. Jamesy is their first official matte lip paint and is perfect for everyday wear!


Just Like Beyoncé, Taste of Me Also Has Visuals!

Each woman who designs a lip paint will also share with consumers a glimpse into their lives. Sarah Stage is all about her fitness and being a mommy to her beautiful baby boy, James. In the promo video we get to see Sarah in her element and it makes viewers feel more connected to the product. What boss woman would you like to see next?


Click HERE to be directed to the video on YouTube and make sure you Subscribe!

If you purchase a lip paint make sure you tag @tasteofme for a chance to be featured on their page.

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor


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