Unstoppable Artist On The Rise, “Inas X”

Pop female artist, Inas X is jumping on the music scene with killer confidence and self-worth. Inas X is so much more than her stage name. The “X” factor symbolizes embracing positivity and leaving all bad things and people behind. Inas is a vibrant  young woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She embodies the essence of a woman in the music industry, and does so without compromising her morals or lowering her standards.

Inside Tea

As I began my interview with Inas I realized how candid and real she is. Her spirit is uplifting and her smile immediately lit up the entire room. She looked fabulous in full hair and makeup, although truth be told she is beautiful without any of it! (I did my Instagram stalking prior to our interview.) Much to my surprise she was ready to go from the moment I arrived. That’s the wonderful thing about genuine people, there’s no need to rehearse when you’re being your authentic self. When we began talking she gave me a brief bio on her music genre and how she got her start in singing. Inas also shared a very intimate part of her personal life by telling me she was recently diagnosed with MS. For those that don’t know what Multiple Sclerosis is, follow the link down below to watch our full YouTube interview for more info.

In The Hot Seat

How did you get your start in the music industry?

Inas: I started from the bottom. Began as an intern for Island Def Jam Records.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Inas: It would have to be my mom. I also draw creative inspiration from Michael Jackson.

What’s a “Day In The Life” of Inas like?

Inas: Varies from day to day. Red carpet events, appearances, interviews and working out. I try to workout daily and practice my singing. I believe in the 10,000 hour rule. If you practice anything for at least 10,000 hours you can master your craft. That’s why I sing for at least 30 minutes every day, no matter what.

How important is it to nurture your soul and take care of your body?

Inas: Your body needs to be taken care. I got to a certain age where I began to take interest in the foods that I ate and started making better decisions. It’s been a journey, I didn’t stop cold turkey but it was more so of a gradual process. I also try to rest, your body needs it. You can’t drain yourself.

When do you feel the most ATTRACT-ive?

Inas: Lately I feel really beautiful without any makeup on. I’ve come to embrace my imperfections and I like the realness I see in others as well.

For More On Inas X, click HERE to watch the full length YouTube Interview.

You can also follow her on all social media platforms @inasx and visit www.inasx.com

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

Devon Showell, Video and Photography @h3hphoto

LyVell Gipson, Photo and Video Editor @lyvellg






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