The Power Of Makeup, With Michael Patterson

Getting To Know The Man Behind The Scenes:

How did you get your start in makeup?

I started as a drag queen in 2003. I fell in love with the transformative power of makeup. I was able to sculpt and shape the face into a different character. I was hooked! I started my career as a makeup artist in retail cosmetics in 2004. I was able to grow my skill set from working behind the makeup counter. I had access to every skin type, skin tone, eye shape and bone structure. This is where I witnessed the emotional transformative power of makeup on people. It’s a compelling thing to see someone’s self-confidence grow from wielding a few makeup brushes.  Again, I was hooked!

What Are Your Top 5 Makeup Products?

Ruby Woo Lipstick – MAC Cosmetics. It’s a universal classis red that looks great on all skin tones.

Kett Sett Pressed Powder – Kett Cosmetics. This is my go-to powder back stage and behind the scenes to mattify shiny areas of the face.

Shimmering Skin Perfector – BECCA Cosmetics. These highlighting powders come in a variety of colors and give the perfect pop to the high planes on the face.

Nillionaire Super Shock Eyeshadow – ColourPop Cosmetics. This bronze color is my favorite when I want super glittery glam eyes.

Face and Body Foundation – MAC Cosmetics. This backstage staple is perfect for creating authentic looking skin with just enough coverage.

What Are Your Top 3 Skin Care Products?

Fix + – MAC Cosmetics. I use this hydrating mist to prep skin before skincare and my last step to finish make up.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. This Australian life saver is perfect for chapped lips, or irritated and dry skin.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Remover – I’m a huge fan of this micellar water cleanser to remove makeup and refresh the skin, or clean up any makeup mistakes.


Most Difficult Thing About Being In The Industry?

The most difficult thing is the ability to stand out. There is an extraordinary amount of talent currently working in the industry. You have to identify what you do well, and market yourself around that to be noticed.

What Advice Would You Give To A Younger Version Of Yourself?

Michael: “Michael, trust your gut and stop being your own worst critic.” Intuition is a hard thing to understand and fully accept when you are young. It’s also hard not to compare yourself to others. Believe in yourself, trust in yourself, and that’s when your true aesthetic will shine through. 

Who Inspires You?

I am inspired by the working makeup artists in the industry who constantly put their heart and soul into their craft. A lot of what makeup artists do happens behind the camera, and isn’t fully visible to the public. So many pursue their passion without recognition or praise.

What Celebrity Are You Dying To Work With?

I would love to work with Melissa McCarthy! I think she is beautiful and absolutely hysterical. I sure behind the scenes would be filled with laughs and smiles.

What’s Your Go-To Makeup Look?

My go-to makeup look in a clean, dimensional skin with a groomed and structured brow. Once you have a perfected backdrop, you can accessorize it with a focus of your choosing. Adding a graphic liner, bold lip or smokey eye will make you look chic and put together. 

Product You Can’t Live Without?

I can’t live without is Thin Cotton Buds by Muji. These cotton buds are a game changer in the makeup world. Dipped into a remover, they become micro erasures for perfecting winged liner or red lips.

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Writen By: @worldmeetswoman
Photos Provided by: Michael Patterson, Makeup Artist 
Makeup On Talent by: Michael Patterson, Makeup Artist
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