Black Opal, Beauty That Celebrates Color

In our quest to highlight the latest trends in beauty products, we couldn’t help but be enamored with the idea of a brand that stands for something. The element that sets the beauty industry apart is their story and what they bring to the table that isn’t already their. Black Opal is not only in the business of external beauty but with their products geared towards all shades of beautiful, they truly are doing some amazing internal work in our souls!

I’ve personally struggled with finding a product that fits my skin color “just right.” My skin complexion is honey golden brown but my eye area is pale. My under eye area is a hot mess! For the past few years I have to have a foundation of one color, concealer of another color and powder of another color all just to try and get one consistent and even shade. It’s a struggle!!!

Black Opal has so many amazing products but by far my favorite has to be their TRUE COLOR FLAWLESS PERFECTING CONCEALER. It literally is the same shade as my foundation. Come to think of it, technically I don’t really even need the foundation. Black Opals concealer is the real deal and my new #cantlivewithout product.

We’re so exited to share more beauty must haves from our interview with Black Opal’s VP of Retail Sales and Marketing, Derek Wanner.

What’s the backstory to the brand? What was the inspiration behind the company?

Black Opal has always been inspired by the unique beauty and nuances of colored skin since 1994 with the launch of our first technologically advanced skincare line for women of color. We’ve since expanded our portfolio to include state of the art skincare and cosmetics which offer solutions for hyper pigmentation, oil control, shade matching, pigment payoff and so much more.

What are Black Opals Top 3 Best-Sellers?

Black Opal is known for its face products with our Shade I’d Trademark true-tone shade matching technology and expansive range of colors and coverage. Top 3:

True Color Stick Foundation SPF 15

True Color Flawless Perfecting Concealer

True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder

Can you share a #beauty summer tip?

Keep skin refreshed and natural looking with our NEW True Color Ultra Matte Foundation Powder. Ultra Matte is the perfect dual face products that can be worn wet as a buildable light/medium coverage foundation or dry as a light finishung powder with a luminous natural finish.

What’s next for Black Opal? Any celebrity/influencer partnerships in the works?

We’ve got some great new launches planned for Holiday 2017 and Spring 2018 as well as future collaborations with top celebrity makeup artists.

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Lipstick Shade Pictured Above: “Vampy Red”
Written By: @worldmeetswoman
Photography: @lyvellg
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