Pixi Beauty by Petra Strand

With so many makeup and skin care brands to choose from, the entire process of picking your favorite can become overwhelming. Over the years I’ve come to learn that what makes each product different is not only the quality but the backstory. Who are the people behind the brand? Do they care about what goes into the making of your go-to lipstick? Are they involved in the actual process of creating the product itself? The face of the company speaks volumes to me because anyone can open up a business, but it’s the cause that turns me into a loyal customer.

In our most recent venture to find bad-ass women who are dominating the business industry we came across Pixi Beauty. Petra Strand is the founder and creator of this amazing brand. She opened up her first store in London and had the courage to bring it to the US. Let me tell you, Petra didn’t hold back because she launched her Pixi Beauty store in none other than thee Abbott Kinney! Famous for all of it’s unique art and Cali palm trees.

Before we get into our exclusive interview with Petra, I want to go into how AMAZING and BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL their store is. I had the privilege of paying them a visit, and Annie; the AVP of Marketing went above and beyond to give me the ultimate beauty experience. When I tell you their store is a woman’s dream, I mean it in every sense of the word. Chandeliers, a photoshoot area with strobe lighting, makeup application stations everywhere! Antique feminine furniture that can only be found in movies….I felt like I was home! I noticed right away that I didn’t feel intimidated or scared, you know how most makeup stores usually are. Someone is pushing their product down your throat and nobody really cares to make friendly talk. Well at Pixi Beauty it’s the complete opposite. The colors are warm and welcoming, the products are out on display in such a way that makes you feel like you’re in your own bathroom getting ready for a night out.

I won’t spoil all the fun for you because we really hope you’ll pay them a visit. I promise, you actually won’t want to leave their store.

Were you at all surprised by how well Pixi did in the US?

Yes , I’m always humbled and grateful to our loyal fans and customers. I did know though that the US ladies are Beauty savvy and know great quality potent formulations. I also know that there was a gap in the market here for luxury beauty products at a really good price.

The beauty industry is so competitive, yet you’ve managed to provide consumers with a personal touch. Did you always know you were in the business of educating rather than merely selling a product?

Always. From day one when we opened our London store, I was in there teaching woman of all ages how to look their most beautiful.  I’m a makeup artist by training, and my sister is a skin therapist – and we love to share our knowledge.  It’s about building woman’s confidence.

As a female business owner, what’s the best advice you can give to other women hoping to pursue their own business endeavors?

Work harder than anybody. Know your stuff. Don’t listen to negative people.

What’s your “must-have” Pixi product?

Our Illuminating Tint & Conceal for the last 15 years! It’s an spf, lotion, tint and glow all-in-one with a matching full cover concealer in the cap.

What do you draw your inspiration from?

From my travels, my sisters and all the amazing women I work with.

Finally, what makes you feel the most ATTRACTive? (Whether it’s working out, a pair of heels, etc.) When do you exude the most confidence? 

When I’m relaxing with my family & friends, I’m always confident.

For a full breakdown of their products, their backstory and where to purchase, http://www.pixibeauty.com




Photos Provided By: Pixi Beauty and @worldmeetswoman
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