Maggiano’s Brunch With A Purpose

Yasssss! The weekend has finally arrived and we’re back with another #brunch. I strongly believe that #brunch was only turned into this “thing” by millennials as an excuse to do what we do best…eat, drink and socialize. I’m guilty of this, brunch is actually my absolute favorite thing to do with my girls. Keep the mimosas coming, and pronto por favor!

So you’re probably thinking, “What’s so different about Maggiano’s than all the other brunch spots we already frequent?” Well, it’s called PURPOSE! Think about it, you go to a restaurant, enjoy bottomless mimosas and a stack of bomb f Enoch toast, have tons of laughs and go on about your day…but what if I told you that you can do all of that all while HELPING SOMEONE ELSE? Sounds enticing right?

Maggiano’s Little Italy is known for their amazing dishes but more importantly their atmosphere. All of their locations are home to celebrations of every kind. From birthdays, weddings, graduations and so many other wonderful milestones. In their spirit of celebration, they partnered with Make-A-Wish to make a special child’s wish come true. Throughout the entire year they run various campaigns to help drive sales because a proceed of the food items and/or drinks you purchase from their select menu will go towards the Make-A-Wish project.

We had the privilege of attending a special #brunch at their Grove location in Los Angeles. Now, if you know Maggiano’s you know they aren’t big on switching up their traditional menu too much. They want people to feel at home and in doing that they must keep some form of tradition. Well, even the most traditional restaurants switch things up every now and then and when they did…you bet; We were there!

Their new #brunch consists of the best French toast I think I’ve ever had. They pair it with fresh fruit, Canadian syrup of some sort and don’t even get me started on their thick-cut bacon! Wash it down with their White house made Sangria and you’ve got yourself good time.

It doesn’t stop their however, they’ve got crab eggs Benedict, ricotta pancakes, killer bloody Mary’s and so so so much more! The best part of all of this is that you’re actually contributing to the joy of others. At the #brunch tasting we got to meet a Make-A-Wish girl and her family that had gone to a Disneyland trip of their lifetime thanks to the partnership with Maggiano’s.

So the next time you think about where to take your gals for brunch, give Maggiano’s a try and feel good about packing on those calories knowing you did it for a PURPOSE.






Written By: @worldmeetswoman
Photography: @lyvellg

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