BeautyCon 2017, Ultimate Beauty Experience

Beauty was in full effect at this years BeautyCon Convention in Los Angeles. Whether you’re a makeup fanatic or just find yourself in the midst of all the products, BeautyCon surely made it’s mark and left a lasting impact.

Far beyond thousands of amazing beauty products what we found to be the most exiting was all the women that were in attendance. Women from all walks of life and of all ethnicities and ages. It was refreshing to see everyone come together and simply enjoy themselves.

BeautyCon is the holy grail of all beauty and it can be a tad-bit overwhelming if you aren’t accustomed to this world, much like myself. Much to my surprise all of the companies and their staff were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable in their products. I didn’t come across anyone that was blatantly trying to sell me on one of their products. As a consumer I value when brands recognize how important it is to approach potential customers as makeup lovers rather than just a walking dollar sign. So how can this convention get any better? Well, for starters  their are tons of product giveaways happening throughout the entire floor! Who doesn’t love freebies right?! Then you realize every single inch of the convention center is selfie material. Literally everywhere you turn you come across a pretty background, flower arrangements, unique art pieces and vanity mirrors with perfect lighting! If you’re an influencer, this is definitely something you’ll appreciate because all you have to do is stand, pose and Snap away. BeautyCon is a marketing genius when it comes to décor because even if you aren’t necessarily interested in makeup or beauty, you’ll want to come back for the photo factor alone.

Now, I can’t talk about Beauty without mentioning the courageous and beautiful souls of the women and men who graced the Main Stage with their valuable and sound advice on life, career and the true meaning of beauty. Among the many guest speakers were Adriana Lima, Yara, Amber Rose, Jay Manuel and so many more. One of my favorite speakers was Yara from Blackish. She spoke about being true to herself and honoring her morals and character. To see someone carry themselves in such high regard and with such grace was remarkable. Yara is one of the hottest young actresses right now and yet she chooses to lead by example by being humble and sharing her journey with the world. That’s the wonderful thing about women, no matter what our economic background is, how tall we are, or how white our smile may be…we’re all just human beings who struggle with insecurities and self-doubt. The lesson I took away from attending BeautyCon was that it’s okay to be different and own who you are.

If you have plans of attending BeautyCon 2018, I highly suggest you invest in the full weekend experience. One day is not enough when there is so much to see and do. Invite your girls, grab a schedule and your walking shoes and most importantly have fun!

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