The Instagram-Worthy Boutique Hotel You Never Knew Was in North Carolina

There’s nothing better than randomly meeting and vibing with somebody who is just as spontaneous as you are. I was already enjoying one of the best summers of my life in New York City when I met a guy named Blake who literally showed me the coolest spots in the city. Everything from the row boats in Central Park, unlimited rides at Cony Island, Belmont Park horse racing, and even simple pleasures like eating an ice cream covered in chamoy sauce and Tajin while drinking Modelo beer on the rooftop of my Brooklyn apartment. So, when he asked if I was up for a week-long road-trip from New York to Florida, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes.”

I know what you’re thinking, why not fly right? Well, as a California girl who never travelled as a kid, I had never seen the east coast, meanwhile my travel companion had already been to 49 states, yes 49! We knew it’d be a few days before getting to Florida, so we searched for a cute place to stay somewhere near Raleigh, North Carolina and low and behold, I discovered a gem.

It wasn’t located in Raleigh, but it was chic and close enough that it wouldn’t put us too far out of the way on our route to Florida. We immediately booked a night at Unscripted Durham and I’m sure glad we did. But, I must say, when we exited the freeway we entered a small little old town that we were sure this hotel was not located in. The directions kept us driving for a few more minutes, one quick turn and all of a sudden, we went from small town to what looked like a bright city. We had arrived, we pulled up to valet and unloaded our bags.

We walked inside, we were greeted immediately and checked-in with no problem. To our surprise there was a complete bar/lounge type of area on the first floor that was pretty busy for a Monday night. We went up to our room to drop our bags off and walked into the cutest and cleanest room. The all-white bathroom had cute grapefruit toiletries waiting for us along with comfy white robes.

The king bed was perfectly made with clean crisp sheets finished with a contemporary headboard and night stands on both sides with charging docks. We had a smart TV, dresser, mini-refrigerator, snacks, refreshments, and a safe.

After admiring our room for the night, we quickly headed back downstairs to grab a drink and play some table games. I can’t remember what drinks we had but they were both strong and delicious. There were two aspects that completely stood out from the rest: the interior design and the customer service.

Every corner you turned there was a new color or modern piece of furniture. It was chic, fresh, and fancy. The ambiance was cool and calm, a new place to grab drinks with friends or a low-key date. We played a few games of dominoes as we sipped on our drinks, but after a long drive we decided it was time to eat, we asked the m an at front desk, A.J., for food recommendations in the area. Not only did he recommend great places, he even made a list for us as we finished our drinks.

After too many slices of pizza, we finally made it back to our room, excited for the brunch and pool day we had planned the next morning.

The next day we suited up and enjoyed a delicious brunch right next to the rooftop pool, (Which by the way is open for the public to enjoy too!). I will say that, the pool is smaller in person than it looks in photos, but nonetheless it was still clean and refreshing, and the super cute instagrammable inflatables made up for that too.

The food and drinks (unlimited mimosas) were delicious to say the least. I ordered the Sunshine Stack (but ordered my ham to the side since I don’t eat meat) while Blake had the Patio Breakfast Burger (he added my ham on top).

Both were so delicious, I’d never think to put an egg on top of a waffle covered in syrup. Yum! A short time later we jumped in the pool and enjoyed our lounging time before hoping back in the car to continue on our long road trip.

Considering how much fun we had here in the short amount of time, we’d definitely recommend anyone traveling through North Carolina to check this place out, even if it’s just for a drink downstairs. Cheers! Book Your Stay!

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Photos and Video Curtesy of @rosemarie9
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