Getting Intimate with Sarunas Jackson from ‘Insecure’

Insecure is no longer just related to a persons self-doubt, with HBO’s new hit series, ‘Insecure’ has become a phenomenon. The show has resonated with thousands of people, both women and men alike. The topics discussed in each episode are topics that the audience can not only relate with but have at some point or another experienced it first hand in their personal lives. On Season 2 of ‘Insecure’ the audience was introduced to “Dro”, played by the ever so handsome and talented, Sarunas Jackson. “Dro” plays the role of “Molly’s” MARRIED friend who introduces her to the idea of being a part of an open relationship with him…messy, messy messy!

All personal opinions aside, we are very intrigued by the idea of being in an open relationship. So many questions arise, like “How does it work?” or “How do you approach someone you like? Do you ask them if they want to be in an open relationship?” No question is too silly and in an attempt to start dialogue among some sceptics, we sat down with Sarunas to get a mans perspective. Not just any man, but a man who has actually been in an open relationship.

How can a woman be more confident in her relationship?

In a relationship as long as a woman understands that she doesn’t have to take on her partners problems, it’s not on you to take on that weight. Of course you want to be there to support your partner but it’s not on you to fix something on their end. You also needs to understand that you don’t need your partners validation for you to feel confident. You verify yourself without the opinions of your partner. Don’t let them affect you. If they aren’t doing what they are suppose to do then at that point you can either decide to move on or stay and try to work it out.

You play “Dro” in Insecure and he has an open marriage. How do you feel about that?

1 out of 2 marriages fail. it’s funny I see people talking to me about their personal feelings about why it can’t work (an open relationship). I think it can work, ask yourself…are you a jealous person? You have to trust your partner, you guys are completely vulnerable with each other, communicating with everyone involved is also crucial. To be honest, people step out all the time, so why not enter an honest relationship with yourself. I mean I don’t think being in an open relationship is something bad. I think if you try it and it doesn’t work then at least you tried. its a progressive thing and personal choice.

As an actor its hard to date, so how to you determine a woman who really wants to date you for who you are versus simply wanting to be in the limelight?

So, I think if you’re an aware and intuitive person the conversations a person has with you will let you know their intentions towards you. Things like the way they behave when they’re around you, their interests and so on. I feel pretty confident that I have been able to choose great people. I will say women are more comfortable to approach me now. Women feel like they know you because you’re on a show.

Coming from being a Pro-Basketball player to acting, is it everything you thought it was going to be?

I always knew this was the end game since I was a kid. I visualized so much and because of that a lot doesn’t surprise me now. The response to the show and character of “Dro”, has shown me overwhelming support, its amazing. Even the jokes they make of me is hilarious. The only crazy thing is having people I respect come up to me and say they love my work or know who I am, like Timberland. All of that is difficult to get use to because it’s people that you look up to.

What are 4 qualities you look for in a woman?

Determination, shows me that there is more to you. You’re doing your own thing. That raises the  bar. Men will respect you more, it gives you something to support. It’s weird to have your partner be the one who constantly supports you and says things like “good job, or I’m proud of you”. You also want to be able to give that back to your partner. So having a woman be about something makes me want to work even harder, definitely raises the bar.

Honesty, being completely transparent with each other. Its a requirement when I meet a woman. To talk about our past relationships and what we’ve done, it helps later on in the relationships if it leads to something more serious.

Curves. I love a woman with curves, tall. I mean all women are beautiful but yeah curves get me.

Respect. very respectful. It’s a given. Mutual respect for one another.

Ideal first date?

I’m really simple. Netflix and chill has messed everything up (laughs out loud). Anything different. Intimate concerts, eating good food, nice lounge, so you can dress up and still have a conversation. Anything that has a tranquil state with some music is always good.

Do you have a work-life balance?

I’m doing what I love, it’s my passion so it hardly feels like work. I find the time for who I want and what I want. I have a pretty healthy balance. I think it’s funny when people say they’re busy. Like oh yeah? I’m busy too and I still make time for the things that matter to me.

What is in the pipeline for you?

After the show has been busy. I’m going to New York and Toronto next week. Working on personal projects. I just got a new management company so looking to produce some of our own stuff. Writing 2 series with different partners, taking meetings, auditioning for some roles and other things I can’t really discuss.

Follow Sarunas J. Jackson on Instagram @ronejae and don’t miss the Season Finale of Insecure on HBO, Sunday September 10th at 10:30PM ET.

Photographer: @lyvellg
Interviewer: Tanisha Brown




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