5 Things You Shouldn’t Do At A Bar

We’ve all have been there…drunk, sitting at a bar with our tongues down the throat of who ever it is we plan to bone that night or our boyfriends (hey! no judging). Or we’re in a full blown full blown argument with our guy as we sit and drink the margarita full of tears. I have been there more times than I will like to admit.

Or what about those dreadful Tinder dates where you find yourself asking the same cliché questions with that awkward silence in between. I mean, seriously, how fucking weird.

I am a bartender in Brooklyn and every night I witness one of the above mentioned scenarios. As a bartender there are things that we just don’t want to deal with. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the entertainment but come on guys, give me a break! With that being said here are 5 things you shouldn’t do when sitting at a bar.

  1. Yes, your man is looking extra sexy tonight and a little alcohol in your system can bring out every sexual desire of yours but must we share it with the world? I am not saying a little PDA isn’t okay but when you start making out like teenagers then it can make everyone around you uncomfortable. Let’s try to be ladies and keep the sexiness a bit more discrete.

  2. Once the liquor starts pouring so does all our dirty laundry. I understand that arguments happen but at that point you should finish your drink and find the nearest exit. Sobbing at the bar because you found out your BF liked a pic of an Instagram model is not a good look. Save the drama for another time and place.

  3. How many of us have been on one of those awkward Tinder dates? (ME!!!). Whatever you do, try your best to find the corner of a bar with loud music. There is nothing wrong with the getting to know one another stage but the chances of it becoming awkward are a lot greater than running smoothly. It becomes weird for everybody and by everybody I mean you, your date, and the bartender.

  4. Did I mention crying? I can totally understand that our feelings get the best of us and shedding a few tears def can do a lot for the soul but when you begin to ball your eyes out, Houston we have a problem.

  5. Don’t get an attitude with the female bartender. Ladies, I promise we don’t want your man. We really don’t want to be friendly but that’s part of the job description. If you’re insecure in your relationship then maybe he isn’t the man for you.

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