Learning to Love Yourself with Mirtha Michelle

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you could possibly have. The same amount of effort we put into nurturing our relationships with others is the same amount of effort we should invest in ourselves! Self-love sounds like an easy enough task but it’s honestly the most challenging thing to learn how to do. We are our own worst enemy and being able to accept yourself for who you are, love the skin your in, love the person you’ve become and truly walk in your truth is liberating once you’ve mastered the art of loving yourself.

Best-selling author, Mirtha Michelle Cástro Marmol released her third book earlier this year titled, “Letters, To Women Like Me” and the impact it has had is quite beautiful. She’s best known for her first book, “Letters, To The Men I Have Loved” where she openly expresses the heartbreak, struggles and joys of love and relationships. She now takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and learning to love oneself. She poses questions like why we as women develop the behavior we have, why we seek validation from the men we date and how the pressures of society weigh heavy on us. Mirtha’s theory is that when your learn yourself nobody can ever tell you who you are or what you like. You begin walking in confidence and with a strong sense of self-worth. All of these are components that make you a better human being. Women who become aware of their power and inner beauty begin attracting wonderful things into their life and ultimately start living their BEST LIFE.

On November 1st, Mirtha will join forces with The Skin Agency to showcase the importance of inner-beauty and how your appearance should simply be “icing on the cake”, popularity, looks and Instagram likes do not define you. This night of beauty, love, poetry and empowerment will take place at The Skin Agency in Toluca Lake at 8pm. The event is free, simply rsvp here .

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