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Sex. What does that word mean to you? This Is Life With Lisa Ling is a CNN Original Series that covers a wide range of subjects from social economics, cultures, drug addiction and SEX. Lisa emerges herself into situations that allow her to see things from someone else’s point of view. She herself comes from a very strict and traditional Chinese culture, one in which sex isn’t talked about. Unfortunately there are many cultures and individuals who shy away from speaking about the subject, it’s almost taboo.

Lisa Ling held a private screening of, “This Is Sex” at the UCLA campus where we had the opportunity to sit down with her and really get to know the woman behind the show. It’s quite easy to forget that behind the journalistic success and progress she’s achieved; She’s just a woman, filled with doubts, insecurities, confidence and living her best life. A woman, just like me.

In hopes of providing a safe space for a conversation to occur, I strongly urge everyone to have the “sex” talk with whomever is willing to listen. STDS are at an all-time high! Unplanned pregnancies are still occurring on a regular basis, not to mention the internet is a dangerous place for anyone who isn’t mentally or physically ready to deal with sex. More importantly, I hope parents initiate an open line of communication with their children. Be the one who correctly educates your child about the responsibility that comes with partaking in sexual acts. Be the adult who makes them feel comfortable and allow them the opportunity to be empowered by sex, rather than overpowered.

Full video interview can be watched here: Lisa Ling Interview

Do you have any advice for parents on how to have important conversations with their kids?

Recap: She believes when a parent feels comfortable talking to their children and are of age to actually understand then conversations should be had. However, sex is something Lisa wants to talk about with her 4 year old daughter. She doesn’t think there is such a thing as “too young” to have that talk. She wants her children to feel comfortable coming to her for everything and anything.

How do you keep your inner peace given the topics you cover on the show?

Recap: She feels blessed to be able to go home once the cameras are all packed. Many people who are living in certain heartbreaking situations don’t have that choice, to be able to go home. She also indulges in massages to get any tension out of her system and highly suggests working out to get your heart rate going.

When do you feel the most attractive and confident?

Recap: On a recent episode, Lisa emerged herself in a form of therapy and stripped herself of all physical clothing. In this process she was able to see herself and truly admire her body. Certain physical attributes she felt insecure about for most of her life stopped feeling so tremendous and she began to question why we as humans are so hung up on our physical bodies. She believes we are all beautiful and unique in our own way.

Biggest take-away from this season?

Recap: Being able to give the audience insight on other cultures and ways of living. In doing this we are opening up a dialogue where peoples perceptions may change as a result of watching the show. It’s the idea of accepting people for who they are even if you don’t necessarily understand or agree with them.

Full video interview can be watched here: Lisa Ling Interview

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