Rolling Loud Music Festival, The New Wave

Southern California was hit with a wave of music over this past weekend as concert goers attended the Rolling Loud Music Festival in San Bernardino.

This two-day event was jammed-packed with some of the hottest names in the music industry. Headlining Saturday was none other than SchoolBoyQ, the South Central, Los Angeles native has been serving us hit after hit since 2009. He wasn’t the only one bringing down the stage, Future closed out the festival on Sunday night with tracks like “Super Trapper”, from The Future Album and so many more! (Lil Pump, Young Thug, 21 Savage, G Herbo, Young Dolph, Rae Sremmurd, King Combs and Prince Combs. All pictured below)

Rolling Loud is LIT

As a “die-hard” music lover, there is no better experience than hearing live music. Something about feeling the bass in your chest and the anticipation of the beat dropping simply gives me life!

With that being said, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about 18+ and over events. But I wanted to fully immerge myself in this festival because I wanted to experience firsthand what this new wave of music is all about. You hear artist and fans alike use the term, “Do it for the culture.” So what exactly is this “culture” they speak of?

Culture 101


Girls: They truly commit to their look regardless of the freezing night temperatures. Short Daisy duke’s were all the rave and so were Vans. Braids made a comeback this year and they haven’t gone anywhere! Girls left and right could be seen rocking fishtail braids, French braids and corn rolls. The makeup was quite impressive I must say. I’m no pro and these younger gals’ had their faces beat to the Gods’! Glam/Dramatic eyelashes seemed to be everyone’s “go-to” look.

Guys: Skinny jeans are here to stay…forever. With that being said, there are 2 trends I noticed. You have the skinny jeans and Vans crowd, and then you have your skinny jeans, Jordans and multiple blinged-out chains. Take your pick.


Rolling Loud consisted of primarily hip-hop/urban artist. I’m of the “old-school” generation where lyrics actually mattered and the dope beat was simply the icing on the cake. However, times have changed and so has music. In its more recent years, music has become more about the beat and less about the actual lyrics. So while some people may argue and say the music that is trending at this moment isn’t considered “music”, I beg to differ. “The Culture” loves to get hyped! They love the beats; they want something they can move to. What the artist is actually saying is not at the top of their list. When the beat drops, the crowd goes insane and its unlike anything you can imagine. It’s an electrifying feeling that you have to experience in real life in order to fully understand.

Actual Festival Recap

Plenty of food and drink stations. I’m talking Coachella plenty. The actual venue was large enough that it provided walking room, but not too big to where you got lost and couldn’t find your way back to your friends. I was able to go back and forth between stages without a problem. There was lots of seating areas, some picnic style tables and a man-made lake with lights illuminating the sky. I’m not exactly sure where the restrooms were. Luckily our Media Access granted us access to several lounges through the venue. (Side bar: restrooms were clean! Hallelujah). Parking was actually ez-breezy! They had parking lots at $20/30 or if you were lucky like myself, you were able to find street parking! That alone won me over. Normally if a festival takes place in a residential area they block off any street parking…not San Bernardino and I love them for that.

Overall I had an amazing time at Rolling Loud and can’t wait to see what talent will grace the stages next year. Be sure to check out their website for info on all future events and

Photographer @LyVellG


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