Sipp Your Way Through the Holidays

Holidays are literally here! For some reason they always seem to sneak up on us, as if Christmas wasn’t always on December 25th. (insert sarcasm)

This time of year is all about celebrating with our close friends and family. Lots of eating and drinking goes on during the holidays and we want to help you elevate your holiday lifestyle with Sipp.

The new organic Sparkling beverage on the shelves that is sure to make you the hostess with the most-ess! Sipp comes in 6 different flavors and can be used as a mixer to add that extra something your cocktail needs or you can chill a bottle and drink it “as is”.
Let’s keep it real, how many parties do you go to and all they have as mixers for your alcohol is soda, cranberry juice and orange juice? This can get old after a while, not to mention extremely sweet! Besides the artificial sweaters, they simply look tacky!

Sipp comes in cans and glass bottles, aesthetically they are super chic and glamorous. They’re visually appealing to the eyes and you’ll definitely win extra points for being the guest who brought the fancy bottles.

My personal favorite is the Ginger Blossom that has hints of vanilla and lime along with the bitter Ginger taste. In all honesty Sipp has quickly become one of my favorite go-to for all of my social functions. I’ve paired my Ginger Blossom with ginger beer and created a “Moscow Mule” version cocktail. That’s the beauty of Sipp and their flavors, you can literally create top-notch cocktails with their sparkly.

More importantly, Sipp was founded by #bossbabe Beth Wilson-Parentice. She got laid off from her corporate job and that inspired her to question what her true passion in life was. She loved to entertain and the creative aspect of who she was led to the birth of Sipp. Let this be an inspiration to anyone who finds themselves on a path that they didn’t intend to be on. You never know what the universe has in stored for you, what you perceive to be a bad thing can ultimately lead to great opportunities and the possibilities are endless when you choose to have a positive outlook on life.

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Lemon Flower, Zesty Orange, Ginger Blossom, Mojo Berry, Lemon Flower, Ruby Rose, Summer Pear

Photos provided by: Sipp
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