Note Cosmetics Is Your Go-To Makeup Line For A No-Makeup Look This Summer

Note Cosmetics face products are geared towards preventing moisture loss by protecting the skin with  anti-aging features. Their products are paraben and cruelty free, as well as vegan! I had the opportunity of trying 4 of their awesome products. Just a heads up,  you’re definitely  going to be tempted to incorporate Note Cosmetics into your everyday makeup bag.


If you’re looking for a sun-kissed highlighter, then Terracotta Powder should be your go to. With their macadamia infused oil, this product glides on your face as you apply that first swipe of the brush. This highlighter comes in four different shades all ranging from brightest to deepest in color. I absolutely loved their stardust shade, however, I found that the three other shades (Honey Warm, Caramel Cake & Mocha Taste) were beautiful in pigment but will be best used as a bronzer for those who are of lighter complexion. This product is light on the skin and feels as if it gives your face that extra bit of moisturizer. I love the that this product is designed to keep your face moisturized and is filled with anti-aging benefits.


I really wish their blusher came in more colors. I absolutely loved every single one of them. The buttery touch that this blusher has on your skin is everything. I can’t get enough of the thought that was put into this product by making it everything that your face needs. From the way it holds its pigmentation on your face to the glow that radiates, this product should definitely be in your make-up bag. I feel that all three shades (Pleasure, Vintage Pink & Sugar Sense), are all bright enough to use as a highlighter, giving you that extra shine.


Note Cosmetics did not produce your conventional blush, they took blush to a whole other level and trust me when I tell you that you’re going to love it! At first I was skeptical because both their Coral and Star Copper shades were a bit too deep in pigment for me. However, upon applying these products (and realizing these two are my fave shade), I realized how important blush can really be. Because of the awesome quality of pigmentation in these blushes, a little can go a long way. This product is soft and blend-able with their perfect applicator brush. This argon-oil infused blush is def. something you don’t want to pass up.


This Hydra Color Lipgloss is honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had with a gloss. The bendable applicator glides with the direction of your hand making it easy to apply and reach all corners of your lips. The vegan, non-paraben and cruelty-free gloss spares you the sticky mess that you find with other glosses on the market. The cocoa butter and argon-oil gives this gloss the best moisturizing feel for your lips. The product is not too thick, which I think is perfect, however, I do wish the pigment of the gloss was true to itself upon applying. They offer a fun variety of different shades that suit every individual out there. From their Truffle Nude to their Lilac Champagne and even their deep Impatient gloss, Note Cosmetics touches all their bases.


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