Beers, Beards and Blades, “A Viking Experience in Brooklyn”

Sadly, warm summer days in the big apple are fading away as the frigid winter months approach. With that being said, I refuse to accept the hard fact that I will have to wait a whole year to enjoy outdoor activities. Rest assured I discovered a great solution to this depressing reality. OK, maybe I can’t take credit for finding this hidden gem but I can say it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Hidden on a backstreet in Brooklyn is Kick Axe, a venue filled with Viking costumes, beer and the best part, throwing axes. My girlfriend decided to surprise me by organizing a Saturday at this truly kick ass bar.

The second you walk in you get the feeling that you have transported into an old nordic village. Old wooden furniture, animal furs, and forest wallpaper instantly gets you in the mood to grab a mug of beer and head over to the axe range. The banging of axes slamming against the walls can be a little intimidating at first but once you grab a drink and relax, you’re sure to have a great time.

The location has outdoor seating as well if you are lucky enough to catch a warm day before they disappear for eternity, or at least winter, which on the east coast feel like forever. The back half of the bar is lined with throwing lanes where guests can test their skills launching axes into a wooden target. Every group gets assigned their own axe expert (axpert) who officiates games, and guide patrons on proper throwing techniques. Don’t worry though, they aren’t there to stop you from having fun, they encourage screaming, drinking, and competitive attitudes.

Make sure to wear closed-toed shoes if you want to participate, you wouldn’t want to leave with less toes then you walked in with. This boutique bar is perfect for a date, party, or just someone who thinks they have what it takes to hit a skill shot. Take it from me this bar is like no other you have ever been to before. Who knows you might even master your inner Viking war cry?

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