Eva Marcille & HomeLight Family Living

Eva Marcille is the most recognized face of Tyra Banks’ “Americas Next Top Model” franchise. So many doors have opened up for Eva as a result of being crowned ‘Top Model” and this holiday season, she is sharing and bringing comfort to families in the Los Angeles area.

In partnership with HomeLight Family Living, a program of the Midnight Mission; Eva is presenting families with gifts from her new home collection, “Eva Marcille Home Collection.” The collection includes an array of quilts, throws, decorative pillows, comforters and other home products.

“Every home should be a sanctuary and a place of refuge and the décor should reflect that mood, so why not make that space glamourous”, says Eva.

As an LA native, this partnership with Homelight Family Living is near and dear to her heart. She loves to make woman feel good and thinks it all starts at home. While there are many organizations that put together donation drives for families in need, more often than not  people fail to realize that many people aren’t necessarily homeless. A lot of these families in the Los Angeles area are living within poverty, many of which may have a place to live but no extra resources to allocate towards making their home feel like a home. Something as simple as a nice comforter can transform a bedroom, that small attention to detail can brighten up a persons day.

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