Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Holiday season has officially begun and first up is Thanksgiving Day. With the majority of people focusing on the food, I wanted to give you some fun ad creative ways in which to prepare your holiday décor.

Color Scheme

Selecting a color scheme is the most important step of your holiday décor. Not only does it help you make purchasing decisions, but it truly does center all of your thoughts. Once you select a color, you’re able to start focusing on things with a much more determined and organized state of mind. This also ensures you avoid overspending.

When you think of Thanksgiving or Christmas, your mind wanders into the pool of orange hues, hints of green and red tones. Some of you may even find yourselves thinking about more traditional items that actually have pumpkins, turkeys and apple pies printed on napkins. While that is completely okay, I want to suggest a more modern and minimalist approach.

Nobody likes to spend money buying items they will only use once. When thinking of your color scheme, think about what colors would go well with the rest of your home décor throughout the rest of the year. The key to shopping and getting your moneys worth, is to invest in timeless pieces.

Suggested Color Scheme

Gold is the season color of all seasons. It goes well with many other colors and quite honestly, gold is simply a show stopper. Most of my home décor is black or gold, therefore I decided to choose red as my accent color. Red is such a  vibrant selection and adds that extra pop to any room. If you’re more of a traditional person, then this red should satisfy all of your Christmas desires.

Table Décor

Table décor is probably the most difficult task because there are so many options. Being able to break down your table arrangements will facilitate the shopping process. This is your creative time to shine. Your table is essentially a reflection of your personality and should contain elements that your guest will recognize as being yours. This adds a more personal touch.

red and gold thanksgiving table decor
Determine How Many Guest

When you are hosting dinner, there really is no room for uninvited or last minute guest. Unfortunately because you do need X amount of table settings, its imperative that you confirm all guest.

Table Runners

A table runner is exactly that, a tablecloth that runs along the entire table. It doesn’t cover all of the surface, just the middle part. This allows for any decorations or food to be placed without leaving any marks on your table.

Because my color scheme is gold with hints of red, I chose a white table runner with accent gold lines. You don’t want too much gold that it overpowers the rest of your table arrangements. The white throws things off a bit and is appealing to the naked eye, drawing in attention to all the right places.

Table Cloths

Table Cloths are those thick cloths you may find at restaurants. You know, the ones that  you leave your lipstick stain on and embarrassingly ask the waiter for extra napkins. I chose to go with a solid classic red. Because this will be placed at the very top of my table settings, I wanted to make sure my accent color stood out.

Place Mats

Place Mats are what you place your plates on top of. Depending on your personal style you may want to go with a classic rectangle shape mat or go for a more fun approach; in which case you can choose a circled shape mat. I skipped on the place mats because I already have a table runner. Adding place mats will take away from the table too much in my personal opinion.

Dinner Plates

Your plates can be a basic white or off-white color, the important thing is the size. We all know the holidays are about food. Nothing is more annoying that not having enough space on your plate.

Charger Plates

Charger plates are the plates you don’t actually eat off of. They are designed to compliment your overall dinner setting. They are normally twice the size of your actual dinner plate and come in a wide variety of colors. I went with all gold charger plates because the runner I selected has gold lines.


Contrary to what you may think, your silverware doesn’t have to match the rest of your setting. I went with a gold charger plate, a white dinner plate and silver silverware. I don’t believe in making one time use purchases, and although the gold silverware I saw online looked absolutely beautiful, I know I wouldn’t make use of that color on a regular basis. Don’t overthink this element, your guest only care about the food. They won’t even remember the color. Just make sure all of your silverware matches. Unmatched silverware isn’t a trend we want to see.


Now for your glasses, think about what kind of drinks you’ll be serving for the night. You should have at least 2 glasses per setting. One glass should be a non-alcoholic glass for things such as water or soda. The other glass should either be a wine or champagne glass. Again, this comes down to what you think you will be serving more of for dinner. For my dinner party, I am going with a stemless oval shaped glass for my non-alcoholic choice, which can also be used for wine. I set champagne glasses down because no holiday is complete in my home without some bubbly.

Flowers & Candles

Flowers and candles add the icing on the cake to any table setting. You want to make sure your cases aren’t too big or tall, you want all of your guest to be able to engage with one another without having to have their vision obstructed. I went with 2 short, round vases and dark red roses. The roses compliment the table cloths so well and set a very grown and sexy dinner vibe. Candles should also be kept small, you want to avoid any accidents at the dinner table.

Kitchen Décor

Your kitchen will be a complete running circus for the holidays, especially if you’re hosting. Keep in mind that you want your kitchen to remain as “clutter-free” as possible. Although you may want to add many festive elements to your countertops, try to refrain. Instead, choose washcloths, or kitchen rags that accent your table settings. You can also opt to purchase serving platters that look aesthetically appealing. This will allow for you to be able to lay your food out on your counter and not worry about mismatched containers and foil oven trays.

Living Room Décor

Depending on the size of your living room, this can be your creative playground. You can have fun with seasonal pillows, soft throw blankets and decorative pieces. Try to utilize things you already have, its easier to purchase accent pieces than to start from scratch.

I have so many large, tall vases that I thought I would fill them up with some fake plants and branches. Filling up my vases with a few pine cones at the very bottom and adding gold branches with red leaf looking branches added such a festive touch. This doesn’t scream Christmas, but your guest can still enjoy the bright color of the red and gold.

Small pieces go a long way, and these gold dear-like horns are super chic. The faux snow covered branch was simply a must. Your guest will notice and be able to appreciate not only your decorations but the way you incorporated it into your living space.

Candles are an absolute must. If you have a coffee table, you should place 2-3 candles here. Play around with the shapes and sizes to give off a more geometrical feel.

pine cones and gold candle holders on tv standgold and red branches with pine cones

gold and red branches with pine cones

gold and red branches with pine cones on bookshelfBathroom Décor

The bathroom often gets overlooked for holiday décor. Your bathroom is essentially the second most visited place in your, your kitchen or dining room being first. Candles should be placed on your sink countertop, away from the soap dispenser and anything else that may cause someone to accidentally knock over your candle. Flowers are also a lovely touch and will produce a natural pleasant odor. This is also the perfect time to put flowers in your bathroom. Normally I would advice against this because of daily showers and steam, its a sure death for those flowers. But because your guest aren’t taking any showers, you can put them in there without worrying about them wilting.

red roses with mirrored gold tray

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