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Months ago I stumbled upon a magnificent photograph on Instagram. Clear blue skies, white walls and a mirrored-like pool. Viceroy Los Cabos was love at first sight. With its sharp architecture and modern design, it caught my eye and it was in that precise moment that I knew it would be where I would celebrate my birthday this year.


Viceroy Hotels currently has 12 open locations and 6 in the works. Whether you find yourself in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America or Europe, your sure to experience hotel heaven. Viceroy Los Cabos is located in San Jose del Cabo, largely known as the more exclusive and private side of Cabo. Just imagine a hotel so luxurious, the Diddy’s, Beyonce’s and Drake’s of the world would find great pleasure in staying at Viceroy just for the privacy alone.


Upon arriving at the hotel I was greeted by the friendliest staff who offered me a cold hand towel and the cutest pineapple cocktail in such a unique presentation. This immediately sets the tone, but before you can even gather yourself you are literally transported into a dream like scene. A stunning and breathtaking view of the blue ocean, the white bouncing off the entire hotel and mirror-like floating pools, simply the most beautiful image, forever engraved in my heart.


The rooms at Viceroy are superb. Even the “basic” room is far beyond your expectations. All white linens, bedding, outdoor balcony with a full jet hot tub, table with seating and my favorite…a day bed, big enough to roll around in. The bathroom has a large walk-in shower with ceiling shower heads and let me not forget the mirror above the sink that is perfectly lit. This is important for a woman, basically an Instagrammer’s dream. Oh, I almost forgot, each room comes with several different colored light settings. The vibrant colors range from deep blue, green all the way to red. The real magic begins at night when the contract of the lights brings out the white accents of the room. Design ingenuity at its finest. Every single room is perfectly aligned so that everyone gets an ocean front view. As if the natural wonder of the deep blue ocean wasn’t enough, Viceroy meticulously places various pools that appear to be floating throughout the property. The reflection of the ocean and moonlight on these pools is a sight to see. No matter what time of day, you don’t grow tired of the view. If nothing else, Viceroy Los Cabos is a location you have to set your eyes on at some point or another.


There are 2 main restaurants on the property, Casero and their picturesque Nido among their 3 bars, Otro, Nidito Beach Bar and Cielomar Rooftop. The food is a mixture traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Casero is where you’ll be served more of the type of food you’d expect to have in Mexico. Chilaquiles served in green sauce and topped with cotija cheese, or banana bread french toast served with a side of coffee and fresh fruit. Also providing a lengthy list of natural, fresh juices and American sides such as bacon, eggs and hash browns. This restaurant is your daily go-to and truly everything on the menu is extremely satisfying. Nido is my dinner pick. Not only is it located inside of this bird-nest  structure, but as you walk you walk up to it, you are overcome with a floating sensation. Their menu selection contains a wide variety of sushi and seafood which is a lovely contrast to their Casero Restaurant.


The property features a state of the art gym, fully equipped with every machine you can possibly image. Viceroy offers daily workout classes, which pair you with a personal trained instructor. Their spa is currently in the works, but if you head over to their mirror-like pool located right on the beach, you can indulge yourself in their hot-tub that is directly nestled within the actual swimming pool. It’s by far the most unique twist I’ve seen on a pool. Another element that reminds you of just how much thought went into the design and function of this hotel.


Viceroy is a dream, a world within itself and a hotel that is sure to leave you feeling much better than before you checked in. Visit to book your next vacation

All Photos Provided by LyVell Gipson, for more of his work follow him HERE.



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