Can You Really Remain Friends With Your Ex When The Relationship Is Over?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is one of those days within a year, besides anniversaries and birthdays, where couples pronounce their love for each other to the world. While that’s all great and dandy, we’ve definitely all had to go through our fair share of kissing some toads to find a great one. Whether your ex is still a great friend or someone you want to leave in the past forever, five Attract editors weigh in our whether or not being friends with an ex is actually a thing…

Tanisha Brown, Attract Magazine CEO

“I think it is possible to stay friends with an ex if there is a mutual amount of respect and understanding. Meaning both parties must equally agree that this new ‘relationship’ is only a friendship and nothing more. However, I feel that this occasion can only happen if that individual really brought some form of value either emotionally and or spiritually that can not be replaced. If not I strongly believe that ex’s are meant to be ex’s and should be left as a memory.”

Alexandra Torres, Editor-In-Chief

“Staying friends with an ex is possible depending on the circumstances. The most important thing to keep in mind is yourself. Is being in communication with your ex preventing you from moving forward in life and with other relationships? Is it causing feelings of sadness and nostalgia? Do you find yourself truly happy with their new romantic involvements? These questions matter because if you answer yes to any of them it means you’re still hung up on that ex and you most certainly should NOT be friends.

My current boyfriend and I broke up briefly in the past and remained best friends. I tried to date other people but let them know that my ex was a part of my life regardless of being together or not. When my ex began dating someone I learned the most valuable lesson to date. Loving someone unconditionally means being happy for them even if that happiness doesn’t include you. So unless you got that kind of unconditional love for your ex, keep it moving and leave that ex behind.”

Rose Barraza, NYC Digital Managing Editor

“I believe ex’s can be friends in an ideal world, but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. Sometimes you have to truly step away in order to learn the lesson and allow new people and experiences to come into your space to improve your life. If you’re forever trying to make both worlds work, you’ll end up living in the past, and ultimately limit yourself from reaching your full potential for happiness in life.”

Jackie Hanna, New Jersey Contributor

“If I happen to run into an ex, I would be nothing but civil and friendly…but there’s no way I could pick up the phone and tell my ex about the new guy I just went on a date with!? So, no I would have to say there’s no way I could be friends with an ex.”

Ali Hanna, NYC Contributor

“In my experience, being friends with an ex is very possible. You may never be as close as you once were, and that is something you must accept. But after some time, and acknowledging that things didn’t work out for a reason, you could be able to appreciate each other’s good qualities once again and cheer each other on through this crazy, unpredictable thing called life!”

Photo Credit: PicJumbo

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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