Embracing Your Curves

Women obsess over the numbers on the scale and often lose sight of simply being healthy. Long gone are the days where society embraced and celebrated a woman’s natural curves. Sadly we live in an era where social media has added this elusion of what women are expected to look like.

Isn’t it interesting how during the Renaissance era in the 16th century a woman with curves and a little extra weight was considered beautiful? Fast forward to the 21st century and now all you see on the internet are these Instagram models who are made up of lip injections, butt implants and miraculously lose weight by drinking tea. Society has made it unacceptable to be a heavy set woman with curvy hips and large thighs. Often women face serious scrutiny for not hitting the gym everyday or opting out of the salad and choosing pasta instead. Is the idea of simply being healthy no longer enough?

My theory on this is quite simple…it starts with you! Women are their own worst enemy when it comes to physical attributes. We shame, criticize and ridicule one another for what we look like and create our own insecurities. What if you stopped giving in to what others think you should look like and just focus on being comfortable in your own skin, with your own body? Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be skinny, be a certain weight or look a particular way. Being healthy means you don’t have any physical problems that are interfering with your quality of life. The status of your health can easily be determined by visiting a physician who will properly assess your body and nutrition. A healthy lifestyle can consist of good eating habits and regular exercise, how much further you chose to take these two elements is entirely up to you.

See, embracing your body is a domino effect because it not only affects you but other women as well. Women take notice to their surroundings and if they see another women who flaunts her curves, wears a two piece bathing suit instead of a one piece, regardless of the love handles saying hello to the world; She then might think to herself, “Well, if she can rock a two piece then so can I.” The more we showcase our appreciation for our natural bodies, the more we motivate others around us to do the same. Always remember, it’s not so much about the numbers on the scale but about your actual health and the only way to know if you’re healthy is by visiting a doctor. Social media, society and a scale shouldn’t be determining factors on how you choose to love the skin you’re in.

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

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