Enchante Home Towels Will Make You Say Goodbye to Your IKEA Towels

Between bills, bosses, landlords, and relationships, adulting can be a headache. After moving into a brand new New York City apartment, I was struggling with choosing the right decor, which included picking bathroom towel sets. I’d had some cheap towels from Target and IKEA, which got the job done, but they didn’t dry correctly and ended up smelling. Or, they’d shrink and lose their shape, either way I’d end up throwing the towels away and having to buy new ones. That was until I stumbled upon Enchante Home.

Photo Credit: Enchante Home

Enchante Home provides high-quality home textiles that’re both stylish and functional. The pieces are made in Turkey and aim to provide quality, comfort, and versatility. I opted for the six-piece set Gracious Turkish Towels in Gray, which includes two bath, two hand, and two wash towels. So far they’ve been through several washes, yet they’ve kept their softness and their shape. I hate mismatches items in my home, so I’m glad the set keeps my bathroom looking fresh and organized.

Photo Credit: Enchante Home

Additionally, I had to try one of their throws for my couch. I opted for gray (again) since it matched my couch, but I loved that the cream added some neutral color into my living room. Enchante Home’s throws are knitted from soft Turkish cotton, which creates a comfortable and luxurious feel. I love the fact that this throw feels heavy, which keeps me warm, but still comfortable.

Photo Credit: Enchante Home

The best part is that you can try Enchante Home for yourself and if you don’t like something feel free to return or exchange their product within 14 days of purchase. Plus they offer free shipping on all orders over $100.

Photo Credit: Enchante Home


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