Get Fit With Personal Trainer, Tiffany Rifkin

Working out isn’t our favorite thing to do, but it needs to be done. The biggest misconception people have about fitness is that you magically just eat a salad and wake up skinnier the next morning. Wrong! It takes months before you can even see a physical change in your body. Looking your personal best takes drive, determination and a strong will. Tiffany Rifkin is not only a fitness model but has recently launched her personal training service. She’s bold enough to workout with the strongest of men and still hold her own.

Desert Fitness Shoot

I woke up on Saturday morning and set out to our desert location. As I arrived, my photographer went with his gut and said, “Nope, this location isn’t going to work. Let’s keep looking.” So on the road we went and just as our luck would have it, we struck gold! Perfect location, secluded from civilization and very close to the mountains. As you’ll see from our photos, the scenery is breathtaking, something out of a postcard! And no, we didn’t photoshot any of the clouds.

Tiffany shared some of the things that keep her motivated on her fitness journey. She said that seeing results motivated her to continue going hard. For women who go to the gym everyday and aren’t seeing immediate results, be patient. Tiffany’s body is to die for! She’s currently gearing up for her fitness competition and doing an hour of cardio every single day before she get’s her day started. Talk about being motivated!

Personal Training

When she’s not busy training, she’s actively working with her clients. As a personal trainer she offers affordable services that are geared towards really getting your heart-rate up. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio! So does a dedicated personal trainer have “cheat days”?…ummm not exactly. She mentioned that she indulged in a very good Cinco De Mayo meal, but keep in mind that this woman works out religiously. I personally don’t go to the gym everyday therefore when I have fatty foods, I’m really not working them off. Moral of the story, you can’t cheat the system. Work out, eat healthy.

Stay Motivated!

Tiffany was not only a pleasure to work with but her social media impact truly reaches those who engage with her. She does a phenomenal job at documenting her day-to-day life and she’s super down to earth. Don’t let her good looks fool you, she is all about her business and making her mark in the fitness industry.

To learn more about Tiffany, visit her site “HERE

Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor 

LyVell Gipson, Photographer


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