I Tried Rick Ross’ Beard Oil, Results Were Surprising!

Everyone knows Rick Ross is a boss, but even more so he’s incredibly recognizable because of his distinguishable beard. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted a beard that grew down to the floor. The day I grew my first chin hair was a day that lives in my memory forever. Over the years that one chin hair turned into many and I’ve learned the struggle of growing a healthy, clean beard.

I’ll grow my beard out to a specific length and then start to notice that some hairs are growing more wild than others, while other hairs seem to be dry and curly. Normally, when it gets to that point I cut it down short again and start the process all over.

Recently though I’ve discovered the secret to put all these problems to rest. A product that’ll allow me to finally work towards my goal of a never ending beard. The secret is the RICH by Rick Ross Luxury Beard Oil. The brand has a variety of different beard products that offer the perfect remedy to whatever challenges your beard may face.

Personally I found that a combination of their beard oil and the Luxury Classic Pomade works best for me.

Man putting beard oil on hands, rick ross
The problem I’ve always faced is that as my beard grows longer the ends begin to dry up and curl. This makes for an itchy and uneven beard. I’ve tried other beard oils in the past but they all tend to be too greasy, making my whole face look shiny. Unlike the other brand that’s I’ve tried the Rick Ross luxury beard oil absorbs into your hairs, eliminating that oily look the others give. My beard is now soft and healthy, with no dead ends.

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The other problem that I typically face when trying to grow my beard long is fly always. Some hairs will grow longer or in different directions from the others creating a messy look. The classic pomade has the perfect amount of adhesive and texture to fight against those annoying unwanted hairs. The products also have a great scent that can double as cologne or fragrance for your face—win, win.

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So there you have it, a new way to tame your beard while growing it as long as you please. And, come on, who doesn’t want an epic beard like Ricky Rozay himself.

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