Masking with Karuna

Karuna Matte Mud Face Mask, $8

I really enjoyed using this mask! I probably looked a bit scary while using it, but the end results were well worth it.


  • As opposed to other sheet masks, this mask comes in a two-step application process, which I found to be easier.
  • I like how it dries and feels like it tightens on my skin, it feels like it really is tightening my pores!
  • It doesn’t slide off my face like other sheet masks do which gives me the opportunity to actually walk around the house and sit on my computer instead of just lying down.

Once I took the mask off, washed away the excess, my skin really did feel refreshed and my pores  looked relatively smaller! I would advice that you purchase the box set and apply once a week. It was  like giving myself a mini spa facial, “home-style”.


  • Instructions were a tad bit confusing.

Karuna Age -Defying + Face Mask, $8


  • As soon as I placed this sheet mask on my skin, I immediately felt this amazing cooling effect.
  • While wearing this mask, the coolness made my face feel less tense and I could actually feel the moisture seeping into my skin.

After removing the mask I felt like my skin was glowing! My face felt so refreshed and moisturized.


  • Same as above, instructions could have been more “user-friendly”.


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