More Than A Business, It’s A Sisterhood!

Every year the Los Angeles Convention Center hosts the Women’s Expo. Thousands of business women gather to showcase their work and products. This year I had the opportunity to have a sit down talk with two individual women who are not only bonded by business but have formed a true sisterhood.

Who Are Erica Reynolds and Michelle Skipper?

Both Erica and Michelle greeted me with warmth and a positivity that was felt throughout our interview. Erica is a life coach who takes a holistic approach to helping her clients achieve the best possible life. Her business has proven to be successful not only because she delivers results but because she has a special interest in the well being of humanity. Erica is expanding her brand and has a variety of herbal bath bars. Like any successful busines owenr, she understands the value and importance in bulding a brand. She displayed all of her products at her booth during the Women’s Expo and briefly walked me through each scent. Individually every bar of soap provides a person with what they need to naturally boost their spirits.

Beside Erica is Michelle. A vibrant, strong woman with a soft-spoken voice that automatically made me feel at ease. Michelle is the President of Empowerment Consulting, LLC and a Career Coach. She strives to help individuals reach their full potential in the workplace. She understands the value of a strong resume and an even stronger work ethic. Michelle is well aware that in today’s world, it takes more than a perfect resume to not only land the job you want but keep it! She’s got over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and I could tell how much she cares for everyone she encounters. Just like Erica, Michelle too is branching out and developing in her career. A book titled, “Your Journey Is Preparing You For Something Great…Life Lessons Of A Career Coach” highlights some of the hard lessons Michelle has learned along the way in hopes of empowering others with knowledge.

There Is Room For All Of Us To Succeed: Forming  A Sisterhood.

Upon speaking with Erica and Michelle who are quite the dynamic duo, I realized they share an intelligent bond. Not only are they friends but they found a way to make their individual careers come together to form an empire!

This pair managed to figure out that indeed, there is room for all of us at the table. Long gone are the days where women were so competitive with each other that they failed to see everyone can succeed. Erica is a life coach and Michelle is a career coach, together they balance each other out but most importantly ELEVATE one another. Women often forget the importance of sisterhood and how much we hinder our own growth by failing to see the potential in our fellow women.

Tune in Next Tuesday for Part Two of: More Than A Business, It’s A Sisterhood!


By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

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