Mother’s Day: Send Her Love with Daily Concepts

About a week ago my best friends and I were having a conversation about co-sleeping and motherhood in general. We are each at different stages of motherhood and as much as we like to give each other advice at the end of the conversation we agreed that parenting is about doing what works best for our own families. We supported each other and reassured one another that we are all doing a great job. It was such a refreshing and non-judgmental conversation that it got me thinking about how great bonding over motherhood can be when we support each other and show one another some love.

The pressure to be a good mom in this day in age can be so overwhelming.

Social media has heightened the awareness of what is going on in everybody’s home and how everyone is parenting. People are eager to share their “perfect” life with the world. Then comes the criticism from complete strangers hiding behind the safety of their phone or computer screens. If only they understood that their support would go so much further than their judgment.

As Mother’s Day approaches I encourage you to show some love to not only your own mom or your best friends but also remember to love yourself. If you’re trying your best at motherhood and feeling down or have recently been affected by someone’s criticism remember you are doing your best and your job as a mom is the most valuable one in life.

It has taken me three kids to realize how important it is to love myself and give myself time to breath.

I have found that if I do just one simple thing a day for myself I am a much happier person. This can be something as simple as taking an extra five minutes at night in the bathroom ALONE to wash my face and apply my favorite night cream.

Recently I discovered Daily Concepts, a collection of smart technology scrubs and bathing essentials that make the moments I get to myself that much more enjoyable. The face and body scrubs help me refresh and reset for a new day of motherhood. The Konjac face scrub is gentle and easily removes my make up. This jelly-like scrub is sensitive enough for all skin types. The Daily Body Scrubber has really made a difference in my skin’s texture and I am loving how smooth it feels. Another thing I love about the Daily Body Scrubber is the label indicator which on one side reads “me time”, reminding me to enjoy every second I get to care for myself, and the other side reads “replace when these letters fade” so I never have to think about the lifespan of the scrub. Discovering these simple things that make me feel good is just how I am showing myself love these days.

This Mother’s Day show the mamas in your life some love with Daily Concepts. These scrubs are excellent for travel or for taking to the gym as the packaging includes a suction cup for hanging the scrubs on walls. You can shop Daily Concepts scrubs at or at

If you haven’t heard this recently YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed by motherhood take a minute to yourself and know that you aren’t alone on this journey. Motherhood is hard but it’s also beautiful and not every day will be hard. Hold your kids close and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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