The New Beverage on the Block, UPTIME!

Let’s face it, we don’t have time for anything these days. Our schedules are cramped up with meetings, playdates and simply just trying to keep our lives from falling entirely apart. Welcome to womanhood!
It would be easy, they said.

Truth is, I am only as productive as I feel on the inside. I can’t function without my morning cup of coffee. The coffee makes me temporarily alert and I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, well at least until the crash sets in. The thing about coffee is that the rush of energy is only temporary. Within a few hours of taking that first sip I begin to feel tired and my energy is depleted. Not only does it affect my productivity but my appetitive is completely suppressed. I can literally go until about 1 or 2pm without a single bite of food. That can’t possibly be good for my health. Since turning 27 fairly recently, I’ve been on a mission to cut back my coffee intake and develop healthier alternatives.

UPTIME couldn’t have entered my life at a more perfect time! It’s a refreshing boost of energy without the dreadful crash and it comes in a sugar-free version. I won’t call UPTIME and energy drink but rather an energy supplement. You won’t find boat loads of sugar or calories in these drinks because they are on a mission to provide their consumers with quality beverages.

One of my absolute favorite things about UPTIME is their resealable bottles! Yes, I said it…RESEALABLE. Nothing irritates me more than buying an energy drink and being forced to drink it all in one sitting. Or if I’m on the go, which practically 90% of my day, I like to be able to just grab my drink and go. Without having to worry about any messy spills in the car. UPTIME is convenient for a girl on-the-go. It gets better than just a beverage. UPTIME also comes in supplement tablets for those that don’t necessarily want to drink liquids.

While I don’t plan on eliminating coffee out of my life entirely, I will cut back on the amount of coffee I drink on a daily basis. I can definitely see myself transitioning to UPTIME simply because it’s refreshing, quenches my thirst and gives me energy.

Visit UPTIME to purchase and/or locate a store that carries their products.
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