Page Thirty, A Woman Owned Leather Jacket Company

Just because Summer is around the corner doesn’t mean you should neglect the amazing Fall/Winter Collections. Page Thirty is a woman’s jacket line specilizing in leather goods. Ladies, please tell me you own a black Leather Jacket? If you don’t, not to worry. I’m about to give you several of my favs from Page Thirty’s collection.

Bad Ass Women, Own Badass Businessess!

Nothing brings us more joy at #Attract than coming across women who are intellegent. Being smart is one thing, knowing how to apply yourself is a different story. They say “business” is a “man’s world” but founder of Page Thirty, Susan Cho is about to show us how girls run this show.

Who is Susan Cho?

Have you always been drawn to fashion?

Always been into fashion with a strong appreciation towards minimal and classic aethetics. My decision to create Page Thirty was driven more by an entrepreneurial desire to create beautiful and classic products.

With my husband’s support, I decided to leave behind corporate life and try my hand at being a small business owner. I knew this opportunity would not come again in my life, so I decided to make the jump and haven’t looked back.

Why leather?

My goal with Page Thirty is to reinvent leather jacket apparel for women; With an emphasis on quality and sophistication. There was not a big market for ethically and responsibly manufactured leather goods in the US. This was initially a challenge. I was fortunate to find a leather-only manufacturer in Los Angeles who shared my same values.

Any advice for new business owners?

The quintessential “people skills” are crucial to build a community of support around your business. A true business leader knows how to interact and communicate clearly and respectfully with everyone. My most important relationships that grew out of this business have been mutually beneficial for both parties. I have learned to receive feedback and different view points on my products/business. It provides an alternative solution that I would have otherwise not encountered on my own. Nothing survives in a vacuum, and it’s especially important for a small business to have a strong network. 

So what does a busy and successful woman like you do for fun?

I love traveling with my husband, sisters and friends. There is no greater experience than to see all the world has to offer.

Top 3 Pics: Timeless Leather Jacket

Leather JAcket Leather Jacket  Leather Jacket

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By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

Page Thirty, Photography 

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