Kids Mini-Closet Makeover: Pinterest Inspo

I will be sharing with you a few simple kid’s closet organization tips. Follow along as I give you a step by step tutorial of how I organized my son’s closet and how you too can make the most out of a small storage space.

Pinterest Closet Inspiration

Starting Point

My two youngest are 28 months apart and would be sharing a closet when baby arrived. Or should I say when the millions of things that baby needs arrived. The closet is not very large so when we found out I was pregnant I had to get creative with how we would use this one small closet for both babies in an organized way. The before picture below is the complete disaster that was Ryder’s closet after two years of holding on to baby stuff because maybe another baby… one day. Well, that maybe baby came and he came quick. Due to the fact that they are so close in age, I needed to make room for crib bedding, toddler bed bedding, clothes, shoes and diapers/wipes for both babes. It was definitely time to get creative and organized.

Once I removed the bassinet from the closet (see BEFORE picture), I measured the closet’s width, depth and height. Always, always, always measure any space you plan on changing or reorganizing. If you know the actual space you have to work with you can use every inch of it more efficiently. I know that sounds like common sense but sometimes it’s just something you don’t think of doing for a small space. After measuring I realized I had a lot more storage space in depth than I anticipated for, so I started shopping for shelves and storage baskets that were deep.

I initially wanted to do a white wood shelf like in my inspiration picture above but the wire shelf I ended up using was the exact size I needed. The width is perfect in the closet and it’s a lot deeper than any wood shelf I could find. It’s not the most attractive but it’s in the closet so I truly don’t mind it. If the wire shelves are just not your thing you can always have custom wood shelves made to fit your space. However, another thing I love about these wire shelves is that you can reposition them to different heights easily. I wanted to use the top shelf for shoes so I needed to make sure that there was room between the clothes and the top of the first shelf. Once we figured out where to install the first shelf the rest was easy and were left with a small space below the bottom shelf where I could stick things like diaper packs. Talk about using every single square inch of space. I now store bedding in the striped storage baskets pictured in the (after picture below ) and everything else is neatly stacked on the shelves.

The End

After the closet makeover this closet has remained organized and I can always find things quickly. This is so important when you have kids. I hope these organizing tips were helpful. I know with kids things can get crazy messy sometimes but, if everything has a place and everything gets put back in it’s place it just makes life easier.

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