Online Women’s Boutique Shop, “SHYLA” Has Arrived!

SHYLA has arrived! SHYLA is a new women’s online boutique shop who’s brand represents diversity and inclusiveness. Co-Owner and Nurse, Annie Gradman sat with me to give an insiders view of what managing a start up company really entails. It’s not always as glamorous as you would think. Shop SHYLA by visiting their website

Who Is Annie Gradman?

As my camera guy and I arrived to Annie’s home we were warmly greeted by a charming face who happened to be rocking the flyest two piece pant suit. What was even more charming than Annie herself, was her adorable Pomeranian, his name is Shy(lo). I immediately picked up on Annie’s East Coast accent, and as the interview began I found out the accent was thanks to her Chicago roots where she’s originally from. Annie comes from a family of medical professionals and following in their footsteps she now has a career in nursing. What would make a nurse leave her full time career in pursuit of opening up her own clothing store? You’ll soon find out fashion has always been a love of Annie’s.

What makes Annie an inspiration is her career in nursing. She was a full time nurse before deciding to pursue her business in fashion. Although her primary focus is now on SHYLA, she still takes on nursing per diem. Annie possesses a unique quality that often women overlook in pursuit of their dreams. She has a solid foundation and is a prime example of the importance in having a “traditional” careerHer nursing gave her not only experience on how to cope when faced with difficulty but also taught her how to delegate and adopt a businesswoman mentality.


What Is SHYLA?

The name SHYLA is derived from the word Chicago and Los Angeles. Annie and her co-owner Alia are both from Chicago and now live in LA. The dynamic duo balance each other out and bring out the best in their individual qualities.

AnnieSHYLA is a bold, irresistible, fashion forward clothing brand offering high-quality products, at an affordable price tag. Our carefully curated and designed selection of apparel and accessories are always on trend. Leaving you feeling and looking your best. We at SHYLA believe and advocate for women of all shades and shapes to break the social norms and gender stereotypes and go out there and accomplish their dreams no matter what they may be.

Is There a Bigger Message Behind SHYLA?

AnnieWe aim to provide products that will leave women feeling confident and sexy. Thus  so that they can lead at their fullest potential.  If you look and feel good and didn’t have to break the piggy bank to get there then our goal was accomplished.

Future Plans For SHYLA?

Annie: We would love for our brand to be global, inspiring women around the world to be confident, sexy and fun. We want to use our brand as a platform to help women in as many ways as we can. Featuring garments or accessories made by local designers looking for a venue or offering shoots to upcoming models and photographers looking for media and content. I think this helps prevent our brand from feeling stale and adds more life as well as give opportunities to those have fewer resources. 

How To Shop

Visit and follow Annie on Instagram @shopshyla 


By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

LyVell Gipson, Creative Director

Peter Baratti, Photographer (Pictures of models in clothing)

Alia Darwish, Makeup Artist & Photographer (Beach Setting)

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