A Southern California Favorite, Captain Kidd’s Restaurant of Redondo Beach

The soul of any great harbor town dwells in the finest fresh seafood of its own waters. In Southern California, there is always a high demand for excellent seafood for eager travelers and locals alike.

Located in Redondo Beach, CA Captain Kidd is slated to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Southern California.

Growing up in Torrance, CA, Captain Kidd has been one of my top choices anytime I wanted to indulge in fresh seafood with an amazing view and relaxing vibe. With a well diverse menu, a few of my favorite dishes range from the Grilled Prawns paired with Mushroom Rice Pilaf and Hush Puppies to a bowl of their signature Clam Chowder that is loaded with clams, potatoes and other tasty ingredients.

This restaurant proudly serves the very best in traditional and contemporary styles of classic seaside dishes.

Since 1976, Captain Kidd has always been known for their fresh seafood; but recently the restaurant added mouth watering cocktails to their already impressive menu by successfully creating three different cocktails on tap that will meet all the requirements and expectations of a good drink! The forceful pressurization of the keg keeps things evenly mixed and even quicker to enjoy. Made with natural ingredients, each recipe has been carefully crafted to satisfy your taste buds with every sip. “Being that we are mainly a seafood market, customers are surprised to learn we have cocktails on tap alongside with our beers.

People love to come in for a few cocktails with lunch before heading over to the beach,” says owner George Loren.

The three currently available cocktails are Coconut Mojito, Margarita, and Moscow Mule. Bon Appetite!

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